Restaurant review: D Grande

D Grande

An evening out at D Grande…

By Anabela Koleci

D Grande brings the flavours and authenticity of Tex-Mex to the heart of Chiswick. With warm and casual indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a beautiful secret garden, this makes the perfect setting for friends, families and partners alike. The welcoming and kind staff only add to the experience with their enthusiasm and great knowledge of the food they serve. 

Richard moved from the Tex-Mex hub – Dallas, three years ago and then opened, what he (and I) hopes to be one of many D Grande restaurants, in May 2020. Despite the turbulent year we all had, D Grande remained open for delivery and still continues to thrive! They are now fully open for dine-in and takeaways, be sure to also check them out on Deliveroo.

Offering an abundance of different dishes to try, D Grande has something for everyone. To start with I was recommended their extremely popular ‘Queso’ which is a warm melted mix of cheese and chilli peppers, served with tortilla chips and is correctly described as addictive! I couldn’t get enough of it and it’s a great dish to keep nibbling on throughout your meal, or alone coupled with one of their fantastic range of margaritas. I highly recommend the marinated chicken Taquitos as they also made for a flavoursome starter, served with sour cream and guacamole. I had the pork tacos and brisket tacos as a main, and with their generous portions, you will never be left hungry! The brisket and pork was a matter of perfection. Tenderly cooked and both bursting with flavour. I may be biased, but if you’re on the hunt for the best tacos you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting – look no further. I was recommended their street corn as a side – a delicious take on the classic corn on the cob we all know, however, the twist is, there is no cob! A much less messy and easy to eat alternative to the classic, I am a fan. Something I absolutely cannot forget to mention is their habanero sauce which they make themselves, it was just sensational and only a few drops pack a punch on top of any of their dishes. 

Last but by no means least, I chose their tasty and refreshing Tres Leches for dessert which was served with some lovely fresh strawberries and vanilla cream. I also then tried their Sopapillas which is a deep-fried tortilla, lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar, served with honey. This made for a great light, yet sweet dessert to end the night!

Whether you’re after lunch, dinner or some fantastic cocktails and margaritas, D Grande has it all! Lockdown after lockdown has meant we haven’t had the luxury of getting away in the last year so do yourself a favour and head to their booking page now to take a trip to flavour city!


Opening times

  • Sunday 12-8pm
  • Wednesday 4-9:30pm
  • Thursday 4-9:30pm
  • Friday 12-10pm
  • Saturday 12-10pm

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