Meet Sharin Shafer, the brains behind Skinfluencer

Sharin Shafer Skinfluencer

Sharin Shafer left corporate America for the London aesthetics scene, with dreams of building a skin empire. Absolutely London finds out more

By Eve Herbert

While bespoke haute couture and limited-edition handbags crafted from crocodile skin are undisputedly synonymous with luxury, skincare was not really viewed in the same league as these sartorial offerings – until now. With a flagship clinic in Chelsea, Skinfluencer is an aesthetics brand with a unique concept: that is, to offer medical-grade treatments through a concierge-like client journey in the most incredible boutique setting. With plans to expand to Paris in late 2021 and a skincare line in development, the brand is redefining its genre, making it the very definition of luxury.

The visionary behind Skinfluencer, Sharin Shafer, previously a coup de force in corporate America and a known face in well-heeled Texas society circles, believes skin not only warrants but benefits from investment; this was one of the founding principles behind her establishing the affluent brand.

“I always wanted makeup-free skin, and as a woman in my 50s, I value aesthetic treatments that faithfully help to maintain a natural, youthful appearance and which liberate me from wearing heavy makeup to cover my many imperfections. I saw an opportunity to offer something I found missing in the aesthetics industry. Namely, to pair cutting edge treatments with a luxury experience. Like me, our clients aren’t necessarily based in one city, so my dream is to duplicate the concept in key cities around the globe so that our clients can benefit from the Skinfluencer experience wherever life takes them. I’m from Texas, where we think big!”

Skinfluencer Clinic ExteriorsIntrigued by the advancements in energy-based skincare technologies and aesthetic techniques, Shafer has made these the cornerstones of Skinfluencer’s unique menu of protocols, as well as including popular aesthetic go-to favourites such as injectables. “Aside from a luxury service whereby we guide our clients through their treatment journey, we offer truly game-changing treatment results,” Shafer says.

The clinic’s ability to treat all manner of skin concerns can be attributed to it being armed with all the latest “hero” technologies such as the Cutera Enlighten III, the Fotona Dynamis Pro, the Cutera Secret RF, Cutera XEO Limelight, and CoolSculpting, something that few other clinics can boast. But, more importantly, Skinfluencer offers a range of treatment protocols which uniquely combine and layer energies and techniques. By manipulating energies such as radiofrequency, ultrasound and light, and ensuring they work to complement each other, each protocol (whose quirky names include Glow Baby Glow and Pucker Up) “push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with an aesthetics treatment,” explains Shafer.

Another testament to Skinfluencer’s excellence is its expert team. The brand’s in-house team of doctors and aestheticians are global leaders in their fields. They must also complete “Skinfluencer-U”, which is an intensive training programme to master the brand’s protocols. “With their expert knowledge about the science behind the skin, they can use our protocols to curate a bespoke treatment plan that meets the client’s objectives and optimises results. We have curated the best technologies available on the market and assembled an unrivalled clinical team who understand how to optimise treatment results. There is not a condition we cannot treat.”

The brand’s offerings do not end with the face, as it offers slimming treatments in its spacious Slimfluencer Suite, and more medical-based treatments for veins and benign lesions. With the support of a panel of world-class doctors and therapists, Skinfluencer has the tools, techniques, and expertise to address all manner of aesthetic concerns. “No two people have the same skin and no one person has the same issues with his or her skin on any given day — or at every stage — in his or her life. We have the experience and technology to create bespoke treatment plans for every skin type, age, and condition, whatever it may be, so we can help you achieve your skin goals!”

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