Six Tips To Survive Moving House

Moving House

Six Tips To Survive Moving House

If the time has come to relocate out of your old area and into a new one, you may be wondering how you can move house with minimal fuss. Settling into your new home should feel exciting, although sometimes the chaos of it all can cloud the experience. The weeks prior to moving date can cause tensions to run high – nobody likes coming home from work to be greeted by mountains of boxes and piles of clothes. To ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible, Absolutely London lists essential tips for moving house, so that you can enjoy life in your new home sooner.

1. Pack as early as possible!
The worst thing you can do is leave packing until the last minute, although it might seem tempting. We recommend starting to pack your belongings around a month before your moving date. This will ensure everything is packed in an organised manner and will help avoid a stressful and last minute scramble come moving day – meaning you can get to enjoying your new home quicker.

2. Label your boxes
Labelling boxes based on room type, e.g living room, kitchen and bedroom will make unpacking in your new home a quick and easy task. It will also mean your new place will come together quicker, so you will feel at home surrounded by your belongings, instead of boxes. This is also a great opportunity to throw out or recycle any belongings you may not want to take with you, and will also give you the chance to get excited about any furniture your new home may require. Hello, Made.com.

3. Pack an essentials box
Even the most organised individual can get overwhelmed on moving house day. The process can be very tiring, and you might not want to start unpacking right away. Of course, normal life must resume, so it’s a good idea to pack spare clothes, toothpaste and a toothbrush to avoid any embarrassing run-ins. You may also want to pack some food (or treat yourself to a takeaway on moving night), as nobody wants to spend the evening in the kitchen after an exhausting day.

4. Don’t shy away from the administrative tasks.
Moving house can involve a lot of admin. From changing your address details on the electoral register to ensuring your council tax is correctly set up, it’s important to make sure you take the time to update your details accordingly, to avoid any hefty fines for not updating details correctly. Luckily, redirecting mail is a quick and easy process that can be done online here. Remember to inform your local GP, bank and finally, remember to update any relevant car insurance details.

5. Get to know your new area.
There’s nothing worse than popping out to grab some milk and realising you don’t know where the nearest shop is, resulting in a seemingly endless trek around your area. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, including local shops and schools. Exploring your new neighbourhood can be an exciting day out and a good opportunity to introduce yourself to new neighbours (and spy out the local pub, of course).

6. Entrust a reputable removals company.
A reputable relocation company can make the moving process much easier and quicker. An accredited removals company, such as BlueSky Relocation, will help you plan the moving process from start to finish and ensure your important belongings are transported to your new home with ease, and ultimately, are in safe hands.

As the nationwide leader in both domestic and commercial moves, BlueSky Relocation offer a comprehensive, end-to-end relocation service at an affordable cost. Commercial moves can often be a time consuming and costly process, often involving large scale office equipment. BlueSky relocation have experience with moving companies from offices to laboratories and hospitals, meaning your equipment is in the safest of hands, and you can relax.

Going above and beyond to ensure that the moving process runs smoothly for clients, BlueSky offer additional services as well as removals, such as offering a professional packing service, which allows customers to safely stow expensive pieces of furniture, smaller possessions and important belongings ready for your big move.

Also on offer is a storage service for those not wanting to move all their belongings at once. Storage solutions help make a move easier by storing boxes that customers may not have room for in their new abode, and can be especially useful in instances where there is a gap between moving house and settling into a new address.

Boasting over fifteen years of experience, BlueSky Relocation are a premium removals company, paying special attention to detail, unlike other companies who can be known to rush the process. The team are expertly trained, with experience in managing house and business removals across the UK and a special fleet of vehicles available to facilitate safe and efficient removals.

‘At BlueSky Relocation, our primary business focus is transparency. We understand how hectic home moving and office moving can be, and ultimately strive to make your experience as stress-free as possible. That’s why we aim to be transparent in everything we do, offering guaranteed pricing with no hidden fees, and prioritising communication to ensure we’re keeping you up-to-date with your move, every single step of the way .We take a slightly different approach to moving home and moving office than other removals companies in the UK do. As a proud customer-focused organisation, we put our clients at the heart of absolutely everything we do, building our processes and tailoring our methods to ensure we’re always meeting the needs of each customer. No two moves are ever the same. And by starting with the needs of the customer and working backwards to design and develop a customised removals service, we have complete peace of mind that we’re doing what’s best for our valuable clients. Always.’

Happy moving day!

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