6 Reasons Why You Should Rent With Others

rent with others

From ready-made friends to splitting the bills, flat-sharing brings with it a multitude of benefits. Badi shares the reasons why you should rent with others.

Moving house can be an overwhelming experience, particularly if you’re going about it alone. Having a place to call your own is an appealing thought but it’s not without its drawbacks. From expensive bills to mounting housework, there are plenty of reasons to get someone else on board. Leading room rental company, badi, lists the benefits of sharing with others.  


Unless you already know a few people in your new city, chances are you’ll want to start making friends as soon as possible. A fantastic way to do this is to find others who are interested in sharing a flat or a house. Along with your work colleagues, these are the people you’ll see day in, day out. Naturally, a lot of people will count their housemates among their close circle of friends. 


In addition to saving on bills, living with others also means that you can share the cost of household necessities, furniture and potentially even food. Furniture and decor is another expense that can be split. Depending on your lease agreement, your shared accommodation may or may not come furnished. If you’ll need to provide your own furniture, you may bring a few items from your previous home, but for anything new, you can split up the price with your flatmates, and then resell it when it’s time to go your separate ways. Buying a few pieces of decor, such as a painting, curtains or a rug, will also make for a fun shopping excursion as new flatmates. 

rent with others


You’re probably dying to check-out the take away around the corner from your new flat or the endless list of enticements on Deliveroo. It’s far more enjoyable indulging with others, but for the most part, you’ll likely be cooking for yourself. Renting with others means you’ll have constant kitchen companions. Whether you choose to take it in turns to put dinner on the table or you get into separate routines, it’s always fun having someone around while you cook. As well as sharing ingredients, you might even teach each other new tricks. 


An obvious point and perhaps one of the biggest draws: sharing accommodation makes independence more affordable. Depending on the number of people you live with, you’ll pay half or less for your council tax, TV licence and other utility bills. In some cities where rent prices are eye-wateringly expensive, this is a lifesaver for students and young professionals looking for accommodation. Rental prices in London are among the highest in the world, with the average bedroom in the city costing £718 – 12% higher than in Paris and almost 40% higher than in Barcelona. It’s far easier on the wallet to split the cost with someone, which is why badi is the ideal app for London residents. 


Living alone means that all responsibility rests on your shoulders. When the bins need emptying or the fridge cleaning, it’s all on you. Having flatmates means that you can split up the household chores. From the lightbulb that needs changing to the hinge that needs repairing, it’s far more likely that things will get done when they affect more people. 


Perhaps you’re studying abroad or you’ve decided to start an exciting career in a new city. One of the incredible things about this stage in your life is the multitude of cultures you’ll be exposed to. There’s every chance you and your flatmates will hail from different countries, therefore getting to know one another, as well as learning to appreciate each other’s different backgrounds and cultures can be part of the fun. 

rent with others


Finding your dream home couldn’t be easier. Badi enables you to find a room and flatmates that match your needs in just a few simple steps. Both the app and the website are hassle free, allowing you to get personalised recommendations the day you get set up. Badi also ensures transparency throughout the flat searching and booking process. You can securely book your room directly from the platform. Plus, all bookings carried out through the platform are covered by the guarantee, which protects you against last minute cancellations and fraud. Forget complicated platforms, using badi’s app on the go is the quick and easy way to find a flatshare. 

If you’re looking to move or rent your spare room, download the badi app or visit badi.com

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