Skyler London: The UK’s First Colour-Only Salon

Skyler London

Words Gabrielle Hernandez

Skyler McDonald, previously crowned London Hairdresser of the Year, conducted extensive research in preparing for her new salon. She and her team quickly realised that what people needed was a haven for their hair colour.

Most people will go to the salon for a cut twice a year, while going for a colour touch-up every four to six weeks. And thus the idea for Skyler London was born. They focus on perfection in colour, and only that.

The revolutionary colour-only salon is definitely a game changer in the London hair scene. Not only does the space look incredible, but the overall salon experience is unmatched.

There are some extraordinary key pieces at Skyler London that create the unique environment. Upon entering the building, you are greeted by a magnificent slide. The structure is definitely a focal point, and good fun as well. A trip to the washbasin is inevitable, and often dreaded, at a colour appointment. The strain on your neck can often be unbearable. Skyler has implemented heavenly chairs that will have you drifting off to sleep. A cushioned headrest holds your head level, erasing any opportunity for tension or pain.

At the end of your appointment, you have the opportunity to add on a professional blow-dry. However, if you prefer, they have all the supplies for you to have a go on your own. Take a seat at one of their blow-dry stations fully stocked with brushes, curling irons and more, and style your hair as you wish. In a rush? Pop under one of the big, colourful blow dryers on the wall and you will be done in a flash.

Another one of Skyler London’s standout features is the reveal area. With a 360 mirror, visitors are able to see the full range of their transformation. In addition, you can alter the lighting to mimic different settings so there are no surprises with your colour.Not only are all service prices transparent, Skyler has also introduced the Kaleidoscope Club. This new concept makes it easier to keep up with your colour. With three levels of membership and an array of services available, you have unlimited access to the colour professionals.

The heart and soul of the company lies with the team. Mixologists hone their skills into creating the perfect colour for your dream look. The colourists undergo extensive training, ensuring that each can excel at every technique. There is no way your service will be anything less than exemplary.

It is easy to see the passion and consideration that went into creating the magnificent Skyler London. From the space, to the colour, and including the exceptional personnel, the salon is truly stunning. 

Find out how to get your dream colour, and book your next appointment with the colour experts at Skyler London here.

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