Safe And Sound: The Benefits of Silence


For people living in noisy areas, installing Silent Windows can be life-changing. HOME investigates

Words Pendle Harte

How many hearts sank when the government gave Heathrow’s third runway the go-ahead last month? Households all over the western outskirts of London are already exposed to varying degrees of aircraft noise, and the promise of more planes isn’t appealing to any of them. Living under or near the flightpath can be a serious source of stress, resulting in sleep loss and even leading to possible cardiovascular problems.

But if you don’t want to move, what’s the solution? Even the most beautiful home can soon lose its appeal if it lets in unwanted noise from the world outside. And just as excessive noise can destroy your home life, so a return to tranquility can transform it. Hugo Carter’s aptly-named Silent Windows can reduce sound levels inside your house by 51dB. Working with the Institute of Acoustics, they offer the most advanced noise reduction windows. Whether you live on a busy road, by the train tracks, next to noisy neighbours or beneath the flightpath – or are experiencing another kind of persistent noise intrusion – they promise to give you back your nights.

silenceWith the right windows, the planes above you at 500 feet may as well be 500 miles away. Installing silent windows can be the best investment you make, making your home comfortable and more sellable too.

Silent Windows offers doors, bi-fold doors and French Windows too for a full soundproof solution, even for homes in conservation areas or which are Grade II listed. They will devise a bespoke solution for your individual problem and deliver windows that are beautiful as well as functional.


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