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How to Choose a New Sofa

Swyft - How to choose a new sofa

Time to choose a new sofa? Finding the perfect one for your home can be challenging. Here Kelly Collins of Swyft Home offers her advice

By Pendle Harte

Choosing the right sofa for your space is one of the hardest interior design decisions. A sofa becomes the key focal point for your room, and it’s likely where most time will be spent, so how do you ensure you’ve got it just right? Swyft’s Head of Creative, Kelly Collins, reveals her five top tips when choosing a new sofa.

Swyft How to Choose a new sofa - sofa in a boxTips for buying a new sofa

1. Size matters.

Quite possibly the most important question has to be: ‘does it fit?’.  Many London homes have tight entrances which can be tricky to navigate. It’s especially important to consider this in flats, because even if the sofa is spot on for your room, what if you’re not able to get it through the door or up the stairs?  Some sofas might look great on Pinterest, but realistically it’s important to to think about what fits your space both in terms of getting it through the hallway and also in its final destination.

2. What look do you want?

A sofa is an investment piece, so it’s understandably nerve-wracking to make a final decision. Essentially, you have the option to go one of two ways: statement or neutral. A statement sofa in a bold orange velvet is bound to add character to a space, but impact can be added just as well with bold cushions and throws. If you aren’t sure, why not try a neutral tone and go bigger on the accessories? Make sure you do your research to check if they have the fabric colours you want, as well as textures, and style.

Swyft tips for choosing a new sofa3. Go with the flow.

It’s important that your sofa flows nicely with the design of the room.  Modular sofas are a great choice for rooms that need to serve more than one purpose, as you can create just about any shape, from the popular L style to a curvy U. Try separating off a section of the living room with a chaise to make the sofa work for you in the space you have. If the space is smaller, try a sofa that’s raised off the ground to create a more weightless illusion.

4. Form and function.

As important as style is, don’t forget to consider its function. What will you be using the sofa for and where will it be positioned? Will it be directly in front of the TV for chilling and lounging? Or perhaps, if you entertain quite a bit, you may want it spaced out for socialising with family and friends. If you need to seat a large number of people, why not choose a three-seater sofa with an Ottoman option for perching. If you move your spaces around a lot, modular sofas are perfect as modules can be added or removed whenever the sofa needs to be reconfigured.

Swyft how to choose a new sofa5. Focus on a solid frame.

If you plan to make a lot of use of the sofa, make sure you invest in a good wood frame. Be wary of particle board or metal construction, but a solid hardwood frame is a good option. Also, take note of the guarantee before you commit – always opt for manufacturers who offer at least a 15-year guarantee.

Swyft launched in 2020 with the mission of bringing beautifully designed sofas to customers within 48 hours. Swyft’s Sofa in a Box concept is delivered in boxes light enough to be lifted by one person, giving customers living in all sorts of urban homes peace of mind that their sofa will fit through the door or up the stairs with ease. And with speedy delivery, there’s still time to get a new sofa before Christmas.

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