Transform Your Hair With plsLONDON™


Transform Your Hair With plsLONDON™: Fiber Vs. Russian Remy Hair

We’ve all been there – you leave the hairdressers with your new do expecting to feel fabulous, only to get home and have a cry when you look in the mirror. Maybe they took too much off, or perhaps you miss your long locks – fear not, plsLONDON™ are on hand as the hair extension experts, so that you can fall in love with your hair again. 

Hair extensions – what’s the deal?

The first thing to do when looking at hair extensions is to choose the right method for you. plsLONDON™ stock a range of methods, including clip-ins, tapes and wefts, the latter of which are to be installed by a professional. For those new to extensions or for those who are looking for a low maintenance new ‘do, clip ins may be better suited as you can choose when to switch up your style and the maintenance is minimal compared to other methods. 

So, how do I style them?

The main benefit of russian remy (human) hair in comparison to fiber hair is that you can use heat on the extensions as you would with your own hair, however, remember to always use protection! We recommend you invest in a high quality heat protection spray to maintain the silky look of plsLONDON™ clip in hair extensions. When the hair is prepped, you can opt for any style you like. A common misconception with fiber hair is that it can’t be styled with heat, however this isn’t correct – the plsLONDON fiber hair extensions can be styled with heat just as many times as russian remy hair can, with a maximum temperature of 180 degrees. 

And what about maintenance?

As with all extensions, the longevity depends on how you maintain them. We recommend a good heat protectant, deep conditioning masques and a monthly hair wash to aid with product build up. Remy hair often needs more maintenance than with fiber hair, which doesn’t require the regular upkeep of human hair. Our top tip? Spray your fiber extensions with a dry shampoo to remove shine and create a more natural look. 

Premium Futura Fiber VS. Russian Remy Hair?

This really depends on the individual. If you plan to wear your clip in extensions everyday and are looking for a more natural look, Russian Remy may be the best bet for you. However, the low cost, low maintenance and versatility of Premium Futura Fiber hair also makes it an attractive option – the Premium Futura Fiber clip in ponies can transform any updo look into a super glam hairstyle.


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