Vintage And Bohemian Fashion At Brighton’s All About Audrey


Absolutely Sussex interviews Audrey Taylor, the women behind Brighton’s All About Audrey, a haven for everything vintage in fashion

Tell us about your background in fashion…

I have always been into fashion. I lived in Ibiza for many years and travelled/worked in different countries too but I have always loved to look different and wear things that no one else is wearing. I guess a lot of the dressing up started in Ibiza where myself and my best friends would get dressed up and wear the most colourful flamboyant clothing and dance the night away!

I never studied fashion or anything like that, I have just always loved how vintage clothing looks on me. When items are well worn they have a different feel to it, it also makes you feel like sometimes you are in another era and I love that. Also, it feels good to be wearing recycled clothing as it’s so good for the environment too.

Audrey Taylor Owner All About Audrey
Audrey Taylor, owner of All About Audrey in Brighton

How did this lead to launching All About Audrey?

In my early 20s I ended up living in many different countries where I had a very carefree lifestyle and was mainly working in bars and hotels, but I also started making and selling jewellery and doing hair braids in places like Ibiza, the Alps and the South of France. At the end of all my travelling I decided to move to Brighton as I heard so much about it, I started selling jewellery and vintage on market stalls, when I realised I really loved selling to people. I could chat to lots of different and interesting people forever!

Why the vintage and bohemian focus?

I chose the vintage and bohemian era because I am a hippy girl at heart. I always love to travel, setting up stalls in the South of France and the beaches of Ibiza. I loved then, and still do to this day, long floaty dresses (nothing restricted) and because I am a free spirit, wearing boho is perfect when travelling.

And why was Brighton the perfect location for your shop?

I chose Brighton because I wanted to give England a try, in the end it got tiring moving away all the time and I wanted to find a base and thought Brighton would be the best place because nearly everyone that lives here is a bit of a free spirit, and I think that’s why people like my shop! 

What do you make of Brighton’s fashion scene?

I love the fashion scene here, there are so many cool unique and individual shops, lots and lots of cool people wearing fabulous outfits and that’s the best thing about Brighton – no one bats an eyelid if you wear anything unusual. I am free to wear anything I want, and anyone can be whoever they want – how great is that?

What would we find in your shop?

I sell vintage items, mainly bohemian pieces from the 60s/70s or anything that maybe came from the 90s that has a 70s vibe. Think Woodstock Festival vibes and Fleetwood Mac style, that’s where most of my inspiration comes from.

I also make my own designs and the reason I chose to do that is because it’s so hard to find 70s boho pieces now and there just are not enough items, so I get pieces made up that would feel like it’s from the 70s mainly from recycled fabrics, but sometimes I do buy new fabrics and I make sure that the pieces are timeless and will stay in someone’s wardrobe year after year. Take, for example, our Exclusive Peacock Collection that we have been getting made for years now and it still sells so well, it’s timeless.

Model Wearing All About Audrey Peacock Prairie Midi Dress In Tan And Termeric By All About Audrey
All About Audrey Peacock Prairie Midi Dress

How do you go about creating new pieces?

For me the creation of new designs is a really collaborative effort. I tend to come up with the initial designs myself and then I’ll go in and talk to my team about it. Together we’ll choose colours and discuss different elements like what the neckline should be like as well as fastenings and print combinations. I really enjoy this part of the process because I love the little team I’ve got around me, and the conversations we have really help me realise my designs and make them that little bit more special.

What inspires these?

When I’m designing I always start by looking back at old vintage designs, particularly the Adini and Gunne Sax styles which I love, and take elements from them to come up with something new. It can be anything from a sleeve, to the drape or cut of a skirt, to a particular print or lace detail. Then I’ll take whatever element I’ve chosen and adapt it into a new design. I like to make sure that I have casual options as well as showstoppers.

Tell us about your exclusive collections…

My exclusive collections came about because I wanted to make sure that everyone could have access to styles that I adore. I absolutely love all the vintage sari materials we get because the colours and prints are so beyond imagination, but they’re all unique pieces and not everyone vibes with bold, busy prints. Because of this I decided to create the Khroma collection. This is a collection of some of our most popular designs all made in block colours. This means that they can suit more people and also allows me to make sure that a design is also available in all sizes. As I said, the sari designs are gorgeous, but only one of them exists, so there can be disappointment if the one you love isn’t your size. With Khroma, as well as the Peacock and Florence collections, I’ve tried to make sure that everyone will be able to wear the designs, colours and prints that they love. These collections let me share what I love with even more people.

What products tend to be the most popular?

Really our best sellers are the designs with dramatic sleeves; our bell sleeve styles, like Gemini & Venus, as well as those with balloon sleeves like our Peacock & Lola. I think they all have this element of fantasy come to life. Like when you’ve got these balloon style tops, you can wear them day to day, but then you’ve got these big billowing sleeves that make an outfit a little more dramatic and more unique. Then with our bell sleeve designs, they’re just this fantastical over-exaggerated style that’s still easy to wear and can be accessorised with the rest of your wardrobe to make a festival or party look that’s stunning.

What’s planned for All About Audrey in 2023?

For 2023 I will be concentrating more on my own exclusive collections, creating beautiful bohemian pieces that can be worn year after year. At All About Audrey we love long and floaty dresses and I really want to lean into those kinds of ‘wish fulfilment’ styles that really make you feel special when you’re wearing them. I’m really excited for some of the new designs we’ve got coming and I can’t wait for everyone else to fall in love with them as well.


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