Wyndham Design Share Their Top Tips for Storage Solutions

wyndham design

Make the most of your small spaces with Wyndham Design; the bespoke furniture company offer their guide to storage solutions

Say goodbye to your storage shortages with Wyndham Design


Bookcases if positioned right can not only provide a blank canvas to set off your best-loved literature they can also be used as a main accent wall providing a display for other items to create a fantastic mood and feature in a living room. This coupled with creative lighting can look stunning. 


Bed mechanisms can be implemented into cupboards and concealed within cabinetry to allow beds to be accessed instantly and easily, well worth thinking about if you are looking to create that extra guest bed in a study or lounge area.


Sliding panels are a great way to conceal the TV or any items you do not wish to have on display all the time. They can also be mirrored to create the illusion of space and be produced in a much wider format than standard doors. Sliding doors are a must when trying to conserve space in narrow corridors or where the user is restricted with a bed.


Wardrobe corner sections are inevitably going to create dead or difficult to access corner sections. It is therefore worth considering avoiding this in favour of a straight run configuration allowing full access. If you do wish to use the returns a shallow shoe storage solution or bag shelf configuration may be a more practical and space effective solution.


Those with a large ensuite might consider dividing the space to accommodate a walk-in wardrobe. This may mean you install a shower rather than a bath, but it will preserve the main bedroom area which can be vastly reduced in size with large wardrobes, with clever uses of mirrors and light colours, a walk-in wardrobe in even a small space can provide practical storage whilst creating the illusion of space.wyndhamdesign.com 

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