Your Schedule for National Yoga Month 2018

national yoga month

September is officially National Yoga Month, a chance for the nation to be inspired by, and celebrate the incredible benefits of yoga. MoveGB share their schedule…

By MoveGB

If you’re a passionate yogi, it’s likely you’ve already experienced the benefits of yoga practice – perhaps you’re anxiety or back pain has subsided, or you’re focus has improved dramatically as a result of regular classes. With such a long history of reported benefits for individuals and community health and wellbeing, it’s not surprising that even Western science is beginning to provide some concrete evidence on the positive effects of yoga on both the physical and mental bodies.

So whether you’re an age-old yogi looking for somewhere new to practice or are interested in trying yoga for the first time to see how the practice could benefit you, for National Yoga Month look no further than MoveGB; the UK’s largest fitness membership platform that boasts more than 6,000 partners, connecting you with the nation’s favourite yoga studios, gyms and independent trainers. And when it comes to yoga, with so much variety on offer (1,281 partners in fact!), there’s truly something for everyone – from hot yoga to suspended yoga and everything in between.

Dedicated to offering the variety in your exercise routine that has been proven to keep your long-term health and wellbeing goals in check, here MoveGB shares the very best of yoga with a schedule that will keep you inspired, motivated and feeling amazing throughout National Yoga Month. What’s more, all the classes (and so much more) are available under one monthly membership – no time restrictions, no capping, just pure enjoyment of this amazing practice.

Your schedule for National Yoga Month 2018

Wednesday 12th September: Stimulate the senses at Chroma Yoga

Conquer the mid-week hump and stimulate your senses with London’s latest yoga concept, ChromaYoga. Here classes combine light and colour therapy techniques, brain-stimulating soundscapes and bespoke natural scents to create an immersive experience. More info here.

Tuesday 18th September: Sweat it out at Hotpod Yoga

For those who enjoy working up a sweat, Hotpod’s inflatable studios offer an intensive yet balanced physical workout that promise to restore calm and clarity to the mind. At 37°c, the temperature helps to warm up the muscles to aid flexibility as well as making the heart work harder. More info here.

Friday 28th September: Get more at More Yoga

By now you’re undoubtedly hooked and will be looking for quality teachers that will help you take your practice to the next level, and classes at More Yoga offer exactly that. Enjoy warm and cosy studios and tranquil settings, allowing their dedicated instructors to give you the attention you need to really enhance your practice as you continue on your journey. More info here.MoveGB prices vary based on the venues that you choose to have included. The most popular plan in London is around £100 per month including Virgin Active and unlimited access to high-end boutique studios. welcome.movegb.com

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