5 Easy Concealer Tips for Flawless Skin


Learn how to create flawless skin with our top 5 concealer tips to try now

Words Anita Warszawska, Personal Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist 

Correct use of the right concealer is key to getting flawless results with your make-up application and we all want to know how to apply make-up to achieve perfect glowing skin. I want to share with you five essential concealer tips that will change your make-up routine forever!

Always apply your foundation first and then your concealer
You won’t need as much of it because you will have already covered some discolouration with the foundation. All you have to do then is to finish with concealer. The most important areas to apply are around your eyes and the smile lines around your mouth. You can also use it to reshape your lips – this will stop your lipstick from bleeding – or to create the illusion of a plumper pout by applying it to the middle section and finishing with a nude lip gloss.

Apply concealer under the eyes by drawing an upside down triangle
Make sure the base is under your eyes but the point finishes at your cheeks. Use your middle finger to spread the product, applying slight upward pressure. The skin around your eyes is like silk so be gentle. By pressing softly we give ourselves a lymphatic massage, which is great for the circulation and will blend the product into our skin for a flawless result. It is very important not to drag the skin down – gravity does it for us anyway so there is no need for us to do any more! For an extra smooth blending effect I suggest you use Beautyblender, an elliptical sponge that blends foundation and concealer to perfection.Always use pink or peachy coloured concealer over dark under-eye circles
The only way to cover grey and blue when painting is to use a bit of red, and it is no different when applying make-up. Don’t try to use highlighter or yellow toned concealer to cover your dark circles, it won’t work. Each colour of concealer has a different purpose; green to cover spots, yellow to enhance skin tone and pink or peachy toned concealer to cover blue under-eye circles. To finish, I like to add a luminescent highlighter on top of my concealer for a light-reflective finish that further disguises areas of shadow. My favourite by far is Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen.

Blot the area with a tissue after applying your concealer
This is very important – always remember to do it otherwise concealer will settle in the creases around your eyes. I love using Shine Absorbing Sheets by Kleenex, but you can also use normal tissues, just remember to split it into a few layers, and use one of the sheets to remove excess oil.

Set the concealer with a fine powder
I would recommend Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder – probably my favourite product from the brand – but never apply straight from the pot. Use a fluffy middle-sized brush like Trish McEvoy 45. Put a bit of product on the brush and remove most of it by pressing on your hand. Use what remains to set your concealer.If you want to find out more about other make-up tips visit anitawarszawska.com

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