5 Of The Best: Skin Rejuvenating & Brightening Winter Facials

5 Of The Best Autumn/Winter Facials

Press re-set and say goodbye to sad, lacklustre winter skin with five of the best skin rejuvenating facials

Words Joy Montgomery 

ESPA Personalised Facial – Corinthia London

5 Of The Best Autumn/Winter FacialsBest for: Tired, lacklustre skin

How does it work? This all-round treatment will give your skin the kickstart it needs for the cold months. The facial starts with an in-depth skin analysis and consultation, to allow the therapist to select a cleanser, exfoliator, treatment-specific massage and mask to match your specific needs. Using ESPA’s luxurious products, the treatment involves a deep cleanse, steam, extraction, massage and personalised mask, which will leave your skin smoothed and glowing – all in the decadent comfort of the Corinthia’s spa.

How much? £125 for 60 minutes



Express LED Facial – Cowshed

5 Of The Best Autumn/Winter FacialsBest for: Time-poor individuals wanting to combat blemishes and acne

How does it work? Heralded as the next big thing in skincare science, the LED facial uses four coloured wavelengths of light to penetrate multiple layers of skin. The light works to energise cells to produce collagen, improve elasticity and increase blood circulation. The Cowshed offers yellow and blue light: the former aimed at hydrating, brightening and plumping skin, while the latter targeting acne-prone complexions, due to its anti-bacterial and corrective qualities. To top it all off, the whole experience is entirely pain-free, and can be slotted into a lunch break.

How much? £35 for 15 minutes


DNA Facial – Kate Kerr London

5 Of The Best Autumn/Winter FacialsBest for: Those wanting more than just a typical facial experience

How does it work? Sounding like a plot from a science fiction novel, the DNA facial is one of the hot new developments in skincare that uses your DNA to create a truly personalised treatment experience. After an initial consultation, full skin analysis, exploratory facial and skin DNA test, Kate will create a bespoke anti-ageing programme to cater your skin’s specific needs. This includes advice on skincare products, supplements, lifestyle changes and aesthetic procedures that will be beneficial to your specific results. Following this, the treatments for your bespoke DNA facial are scientifically formulated using information based on your skin’s genetic make-up. It may sound elaborate, but those who have tried it have never looked back.

How much? £150 for 60 minutes


Carol Joy London Pure Gold & Collagen Facial – The Dorchester Spa

5 Of The Best Autumn/Winter FacialsBest for: Defence against ageing and brightening dull complexions

How does it work? Championed by iconic beauties, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, and Bar Refaeli, gold has long been heralded for its ageing-aging pro-radiance powers. It is said that Cleopatra slept with a gold mask on. If it’s good enough for her…

Carol Joy’s pure gold and collagen (a natural component of the skin, which provides structural support) facial your 2016 answer to Cleopatra’s gilded practices. The facial begins with a plumping Pure Collagen Mask, combined with a lifting and toning massage. 24 carat gold leaf is then applied and massaged into the skin, followed by a final spritz of Pure Collagen Spray to provide a youthful glow. You’ll leave feeling like a million dollars – literally.

How much? £220 for 60 minutes



JULISIS Organic Facial – KX Spa

5 Of The Best Autumn/Winter Facials
Best for: Organic-enthusiasts, and those with allergies, sensitive skin and conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea

How does it work? JULISIS is a 100% natural skincare system that uses liquid gold and silver, together with semiprecious stones and botanicals, to offer one luxurious organic facial experience. Free from any harmful preservatives, fillers, fragrances and colours, the facial combines deep-cleansing, exfoliation and a customised mask. The result is a bright, cleansed complexion, without a trace of irritation.

How much? £125 for 55 for minutes (for non-members)


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