Always Tired? Discover 6 Ways to Get your Energy Back

Always Tired? Discover 6 Ways to Get your Energy Back

Is the drag of constantly lethargy getting you down? Take the first step to a happier life with Absolutely’s guide to boosting your energy levels

Words Joy Montgomery


There can be many contributing factors to your tiredness, however there is typically one culprit at the heart of the problem. Identifying this energy-draining trigger is an important part of the recovering process. For example, you might be iron deficient, in which case you should be taking supplements. Alternatively, you might be struggling with sleep, which requires an entirely different approach. The changes we list below are great habits to implement in your life, however they won’t necessarily fix the underlying problem.


We live in a technology and social media-obsessed era where everyone has instant access to unlimited information at any moment. Whether it’s emails, texts, Facebook notifications or Instagram likes, we are bombarded with alerts throughout the day, stimulating our brains and giving us hits of dopamine. It’s near impossible to ‘switch off, physically and mentally. Furthermore, the blue light on mobile screens can suppress production of melatonin, leading to decreased drowsiness and non-restorative sleep. Restricting screen time is an important part of recovering your energy levels. Read a book instead of scrolling through Instagram when you get home and have an hour screen-free time before bed. You could also try meditating to allow your brain to wind down after a busy day at work.


There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of to-do lists and constantly struggling to keep your head above water. This a sure fire way to burn out. It may sound simple but learning to say no is an essential life skill – this is especially hard when you’re a people pleaser. Always saying yes can result in spreading yourself too thin, causing both your work and mental health to suffer. When someone asks you for help take time to consider how much spare time you have and what you priorities are before giving an answer.


A healthy diet and lifestyle is the bedrock of an energy-filled life. Eating a balanced diet which keeps your sugar levels consistent throughout the day will help you avoid that ‘up and down’ feeling. Our digestion functions most effectively first thing so ensure breakfast and lunch are the largest meals of the day and also protein and nutrient-dense. Dinner, meanwhile, should be lighter, packed with lean protein and wholegrains. You can also curb cravings in-between meals with healthy snacks, such as nuts or unsweetened yoghurt. Incorporating regular exercise into your week is another great way to boost energy levels. Just make sure you don’t do any high intensity exercise just before bed.


Anxiety and depression are common causes of low energy. Brain fog, difficulty concentrating and insomnia – which are all caused by anxiety – will contribute to feelings of low-energy and fatigue. If you think you are experiencing any of these symptoms on a regular basis then go to your GP and discuss your options. Practices like meditation, mindfulness and CBT will help your brain to re-calibrate and settle back into a normal rhythm.


This is something that perfectionists will particularly struggle with, yet learning to have lower standards and be kinder to yourself is an essential part of living a happy, balanced life. Try not to start thoughts with ‘I should…’ – whether this is in relation to fitness, beauty, relationships or parenting. Learn to be happy with what you’ve got and celebrate your successes, rather than always striving for the next thing and putting yourself down. These feeling of inadequacy and striving will only drain your energy resources without actually achieving anything.

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