8 Stylish Designs For 2023 From The Radiator Centre, St Albans


Interior design has come some way since a rad was there just to heat the home. The Radiator Centre in St Albans showcases some of the cutting edge designs to expect in 2023


A fully-fledged eco-sustainable designer radiator, from £699.60


An updated version of the more traditional tubular multi-column radiators, the Soho boasts a remarkable saving on water – approximately 80% less than its traditional counterparts, meaning lower energy consumption. It is made from recyclable aluminium profiles which are joined together by a patented combination and locking system. This allows for superior heat output values, despite the reduced water requirement. Optional accessories of a hook and towel rail make it great for bathrooms, and freestanding versions in both vertical and horizontal designs are also available, with the latter being ideal for under windows. The Soho is available in a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes.  


The artistic choice, from £634

Sfere Bathroom

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Sfere isn’t a radiator at all (pictured here and at the top of the page, as this sleek eye-catching design is as much a piece of artwork as it is a heating panel. Made from carbon steel, this ultra-slim design can be used on its own or in a group, depending on personal taste, heating requirements and available wall space. For even more wow factor, choose from over 80 colour choices and finishes.


Award-winning flexibility, towel rails from £1,034.40

Scaletta Blue

The award-winning Scaletta is a heated towel rail like no other. Its iconic design allows it to function as a practical storage bathroom solution for towels, but it is its versatility which really sets it apart. Available in a wall mounted or freestanding version, the latter requires no installation meaning this electric towel rail can be easily repositioned and plugged in wherever it is needed. It features a handy pulley for keeping the cable neat and comes in over 200 different finishes. The Scaletta is made from aluminium allowing for fast heat up times and it can also come with a temperature regulator and optional shelf for additional storage. 


Minimalistic touch, from £2,847

I Ching

Another minimalistic towel option that is new to the market is the I-Ching. Its flexibility comes in its ability to be hung horizontally to hold towels or vertically for bath robes. Besides a variety of sizes, it also comes in a wide selection of finishes. What’s more, the I-Ching is electric only.


A traditional feeling, wall or floor mounted from £489.60

Retro Wall Mounted

Ball jointed towel rails convey a sense of the traditional. Getting them sprayed in one of a myriad of colours makes them a unique and contemporary design choice. The Retro is available either wall mounted or floor mounted; water fed or electric only. One width but eight heights offer further versatility.


A sturdy approach, from £474

Sebino Horizontal

A new high-quality design from one of Italy’s leading aluminium radiator manufacturers. The Sebino offers a compact and stylish design choice with low-water content and a superior heat output. Sturdy, but lightweight, its slim profile makes it ideal for confined spaces, such as hallways and landings.


Hey good looking, from £811.20

Agora White

Combining good looks with great functionality, the Agora is a brilliant choice for energy savings as it has an ultra low water content, meaning less energy is needed to heat it up.  Despite its lower water volume it is still able to achieve high heat output, ensuring your home stays cosy all winter long. This designer radiator is made entirely from recyclable drawn aluminium, making it an eco-friendly choice too, and as aluminium heats up faster than its steel equivalent, this also helps with energy efficiency. Available in a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes, the Agora can be positioned vertically or horizontally making it a great option for a wide variety of settings. 


The simple things in life, from £473.16


Also new to The Radiator Centre is the minimalist, but ever-so-stylish Teso. A fine example of how a bathroom radiator does not have to look like a standard towel rail and yet can provide all the functionality required for storage, drying and hanging. Teso takes up less room than a standard radiator, but offers plenty of spaces to place towels and robes. This designer radiator can be hung horizontally or vertically, and is offered in a wide range of colours with a choice of a chrome, matching or complementary colour for the bar.


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