Lord Stuart Poulton from Poulton Funerals about his unique business

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Tell us about your business…

I am part of the fourth generation of family funeral directors. I have been a funeral director for over 36 years. I started when I was 16-years-old full time, but helping with the family business in earlier years, alongside my Father (Roger), Uncle (Howard) and Cousin

(Christopher). The family business was sold many years ago, selling out to a worldwide


I started Stuart Poulton Ltd18 years ago on my own against them but carrying on with the Poulton family values with a saying: “One family looking after another the way it should be, we’re there because we care” which is from my heart!

What makes you different from the competition?

We care, and when I say this we do, we want to make sure that everything you want is carried out, as each funeral is so very individual to each other. From different vehicles, coffins, even now to us the funeral directors wearing ties that are the favourite colour of the person that has passed away. We also at have time to talk, something big companies don’t do or have time for their clients, which I think is very sad.

I’m also proud to be a member of the National Association Of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and, one of 19 in the country, a Guild of Master Craftsmen funeral director.

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What do you love best about your work?

Love is probably the wrong word. As in my profession I would say it’s a vocation to life. The biggest thing for me is after the funeral has taken place and the thank you cards we receive from the families. Thank you is sadly not a well-used word anymore, but when the families make the effort and write the beautiful words inside the card, that just makes my heart sing with pride knowing I have made the families proud for my service and care.

What would you say has been the highlight for your business?

That’s easy. I have carried on the Poulton family name, and I hope made my forefathers proud for where I am today.

How does work fit in with outside life?

I have been a funeral director for over 36 years and 6’6” and a big chap, almost larger than life, so I’m not a person to be missed in public. So many people recognise me for carrying out a family funeral which is lovely and because of the rapport I’ve had with families we become friends too. We are on call 24 hours a day after the office door is shut, so even outside work you never know if you could be called by families at any time.

In three words, sum up what kind of thing you offer your customers?

I have four: honest, love, care and support.


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