6 of the Best Air-Purifying House Plants

Air-purifying house plants

Indoor plants not only bring a sense of calm to a room, but they can also literally purify the air – just like magic

Leaf Envy have curated a collection of indoor plants that not only look beautiful, but remove harmful toxins, dust and germs found in the air. Here, they share their top six.

The best air-purifying house plants

Medium Rubber Tree

Rubber Tree - air-purifying house plantsCharacterised by gorgeous thick, glossy leaves this houseplant’s upright, burgundy foliage unfurls with a red outer leaf. This plant is a household favourite and great for those interior-design led minds. £16

Calathea Medallion

air-purifying house plantsBranded with silver markings contrasted against emerald green and a deep-red /purple underbelly, the Calathea is a beauty. It can handle lower-light levels, but prefers medium, indirect light. This plant is not only air purifying but also pet friendly. £20

Snake Moonshin

air-purifying house plantsThis striking silvery leaf snake plant is a more unusual variety of San-sevieria. It will be happy being watered every 2-3 weeks, can handle low light and won’t ever loose that rigid structure. What’s more, NASA recommends the snake plant to remove toxins from the air – they give off oxygen at night, making them the perfect bedroom buddies. £24

Never Never

air-purifying house plantsThe pairing of patterned bi-coloured leaves and deep purple backs make the Never Never Plant a stunner. If you’re looking for an air-purifying plant that can handle a low light room in your apartment/ home and is hard to kill, you’ve found it. £16

Peace Lily

Peace Lily air-purifying house plantsCharacterised by large green leaves with a white flower, the Peace Lily makes the perfect home addition not only because of its aesthetics, but it’s good in low-light conditions. It cleans the air from pollutants such as Formaldeyde and Benzene and has a calming effect to help you relax. £24

Alocasia Zebrina

air-purifying house plantsThis rare and wonderful plant is a personal favourite because of its distinctive Tiger-like stems and glossy arrow-shaped leaves. It is a serious show-stopper. Alocasia Zebrinas thrive in medium to bright, in- direct sunlight and enjoy weekly watering sessions and frequent misting. £40


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