5 Houseplants To Suit Your Style


Houseplants have bloomed into fashion once more. Absolutely is here to guide you on the green companions that work with your home and your lifestyle

Words Brandon Clarkson

Swiss Cheese Body

The Bo-Ho: Swiss Cheese

If your style is a sheek collection of articles from around the world or your space is an eclectic spectrum of different decor, look no further. Like your bohemian style, the swiss cheese plant is all over the place…in the best possible way. The swiss cheese will grow in every direction, with its leaves often growing perfectly peculiar patterns. Water once a week or until the top of the soil feels dry. The swiss cheese is ready to boldly embrace those bo-ho beings with a home style to match.


The Minimalist: Cactus

Cold but bold? Striking yet functional? If your home is practical and has no place for clutter, yet still feels like it needs something more, you might just need this spikey friend. Just like a minimal space, the cactus plant demands little maintenance. Place in a sunny spot, preferably in a south-facing window. For your cactus to thrive in the summer season, water once a week when the water feels dry. To survive, water every other week. A cactus can work wonders as a centerpiece to a room, especially if your style uses monotone colours and echoes necessity.


The Household Helper: Parlour Plant

For years, parlour plants have been a common feature amongst British homes. With its bushy style and lengthy leaves, the parlour plant is recognised as one tough cookie, surviving minimal care. What’s more is that the plant is non-toxic and so it becomes a friendly family member, in a home with children and/or pets. This plant is accommodating to most styles and sits alongside the peace lily in NASA’s top 50 air purifying plants. If your children like to take up all the space during playtime, this plant works well in hallways and corridors, as it also requires minimal light.


The Light in the Dark: Peace Lily

Whether your style is on the darker side, or your room doesn’t get too much in the way of direct sunlight, bring the peace lily in to brighten your space. Like the swiss cheese plant, the peace lily loves nothing more than a shady spot. It’s a thirsty plant though, so be sure to water regularly. Once a week will do, or when the soil feels damp but nearing the dry side. Follow these simple steps and it might just grace you with beautiful slender blooms of sleek white flowers in the spring and summer seasons. An experiment by NASA claimed this plant to be one of the best natural air purifiers – removing formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. These qualities make the peace lily a wonderful suit to a dark bedroom.


The Scandinavian Friend: Zanzibar Gem

The zanzibar gem is a stylish, crisp and particularly fresh house plant, making it perfect for a Scandinavian style. This wonderful, low maintenance plant will work side-by-side in a scandi setting, with its consistent leaves and arching stems. Place against a wall near low cluttered shelving, for a decor that pleasantly leads the eye. Let the soil dry out completely first for almost architecturally designed leaves.

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