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Michelle de Biolley Almost Essential

Michelle de Biolley, one of London’s most connected and fashionable hostesses, is sharing her little Black Book… 

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Making connections and finding services have perhaps, never been easier. But searching the internet and the emergence of apps for just about everything does not guarantee a seamless experience. In fact, often the outcomes can be extremely disappointing when your expectations are not met.

But what if you could gain access to a fully vetted and amazing range of services and professionals to help with your busy daily life? Michelle de Biolley is one of London’s most connected and fashionable hostesses, and has a little Black Book that is bursting with the numbers of the capital’s most talented decorators and very best florists, chefs, party designers, fine artists, landscape designers and much, more…

It all began as an exchange of great contacts and home services between Michelle’s close circle of friends and has now grown into a fully-fledged website and one-stop-shop for all manner of solutions: Almost Essential.

Michelle de Biolley Almost EssentialAlmost Essential is where you will find more than two hundred services, gifts and products across a wide range of categories including Home Maintenance, Garden and Landscape Design, Home Decoration, Home Management, Entertaining and Health & Beauty. Additional services include access to educational advisors, cultural and travel specialists, personal trainers and one-of-a-kind gifts.

Michelle has a background in Executive Search in the corporate world but had always planned to become involved in something more creative and artistically dynamic, and where her passion for interior design and style could be fully utilised. Thus the Almost Essential website was launched quietly in 2013 and Michelle hasn’t looked back.

“I have come to realise over the years that the only recommendations that count are those from friends,” says Michelle. “I have combined this with my own in-depth research to create what I believe to be a robust, reliable platform.”

“The Internet is a great source for ideas but when something goes wrong, you’re on your own. At Almost Essential, we not only find and vet people, but we are there to put things right when they go wrong too,” she says.

Whether you are seeking a housekeeper, want to give your home a new interior design finish, need help putting together a dinner party or something simpler like finding a reliable window cleaner or repairing that much-loved crystal glass, you can be sure that you will find a solution with Almost Essential. This clever online resource ensures an unparalleled level of service and is overseen by Michelle herself.


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