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Discover the story behind Atlas Accessories, the London jewellery brand merging quality craftsmanship with symbolic storytelling

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Rooted in the power of storytelling, Atlas Accessories is founded on the belief that jewellery has the ability to establish connections through the narratives that define every one of us. Each of their meticulously created pieces is symbolic of wisdom through connection and remembrance, and is representative of an authentic sense of self, nature and style.

With every collection handcrafted in London in small batches, Atlas Accessories has always favoured quality over quantity. This mindset fully aligns with their commitment to the environment and complements the use of ethically-sourced sustainable materials and traditional production methods. This transparency is also reflected in their work with Fair Trade communities to produce the organic materials and gemstones that are used to create their necklaces and wristwear.

Atlas AccessoriesThese durable accessories are designed to last a lifetime, grow in character and develop depth of meaning as they follow each wearer through life’s adventures. It is an approach that emphasises the inherent spirit of Atlas Accessories jewellery, where each item has a story of its own and acts as a reminder of important memories, experiences and beliefs. Atlas’ collections are distinct for their balance of aesthetics and spirituality, and a full recognition of tradition and rituals of the past.

Atlas AccessoriesReflecting the way in which ancient tribes used accessories and jewellery to tell stories, empower and protect, all Atlas Accessories’ pieces are grounded in a celebration of collective individuality and positive action.

Atlas Accessories believe that success should power positive change and that ultimately, every purchase should have a positive impact. Consistent with the founder’s belief that the planet should be treated like a stakeholder, giving back forms a core pillar of Atlas’ ethos; the brand has partnered with select organisations chosen for their commitment to wildlife, conservation and sustainability. 5% of gross revenues will be donated to these causes.

Here’s a closer look at Atlas Accessories’ most popular collections.

Affinity Collection

The Atlas ‘Affinity’ collection is inspired by traditional tribal bracelets and is a reminder of our bond to Earth and Mother Nature. A dark-coloured, durable organic plant fibre, which is completely vegan, is bound and enhanced by loops of precious metal wire including copper, recycled sterling silver and recycled 14k yellow gold. The Atlas ‘Affinity’ range provides a subtle but striking statement, potent with deeper meaning.

Affinity Collection by Atlas AccessoriesThis Atlas ‘Affinity’ bracelet uses the metal of emotions: sterling silver. Long renowned to bring patience and perseverance to the wearer, it can connect to the psychic mind as well as being associated with healing. The perfect element for emotional balance, healing and equanimity, this piece is created from recycled sterling silver.

This type of organic plant fibre is an organic substance that loves water and stiffens when not being used. It may initially feel stiff and inflexible when you put it on and it may not feel like the shape fits you. Once you wear it in water, either in the shower or holding it under warm water, it then relaxes and will mould to fit you perfectly. It is designed to be worn all the time but you can always place it under water again if you haven’t worn it for a while.

Tokens Collection

The Atlas ‘Tokens’ were created to reflect the concept of positive aspirations. Defined as a strong hope, dream or goal with a positive, upward connotation, an aspiration is something that is seen as something better than where we currently are. Aspiration can also refer to the act of breathing – especially of breathing in.  Each piece represents a different aspiration that we carry for ourselves or wish for others.

Token Collection Jade Bracelet Atlas AccessoriesThis Atlas ‘Token’ uses jade, a stone that provides and connects the wearer to the prosperity and abundance that surrounds us. A high-prized stone, it has been used since ancient times for ceremonial and emotional objects and icons.

The band is made from Australian kangaroo leather that is not farmed but harvested in the wild from a large, self-replenishing population, a process that is strictly controlled by the Australian government.

Recycled Gold Collection

The Recycled Gold Collection is comforting and empowering. Every purchase from the Gold collection will help support the World Land Trust’s Buy An Acre programme, protecting Earth’s most biologically important and threatened habitats. For example, Every Atlas Gold TrinityALS purchased saves up to a third of an acre of endangered habit depending on how many 14k gold ring elements you choose.

Gold AtlasThis Atlas ‘Aeon’ uses the finest metal known to man; gold. With its long and powerful association with wealth, happiness and the unmistakable feeling of comfort, gold possess powerful, positive energy and can help to cleanse and purify.

Kudu is a traditional tribal resource across Eastern and Southern Africa. Kudus are extremely populous in Africa and are one of the largest mammals in the Antelope family. Atlas’ African Kudu is sustainably sourced.

Atlas Accessories combines ethically-sourced stones & organic gems, precious metals, vintage beads, and sustainable leathers with unique provenance that you won’t find in mass-produced accessories. Designed to endure life’s adventures, Atlas Accessories are designed to improve with wear without the need to be taken off, as such they offer a three-year guarantee on all products.


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