We tried Barrecore for a Month, Here’s What Happened: Week 2


Losing the will with your January fitness resolutions? We’re sticking to barre with a four-week challenge at leading studio Barrecore. Here’s how we got on in week two…

Words Helen Brown

We’re into the second week of January and if you’re anything like us, the resolve you once had for your New Year’s resolutions is beginning to slip. Along with a dry January and a tightening of the purse strings, you no doubt have something fitness related included in the line-up designed to engender a New You. Year after year my gruelling January fitness regimes have been abandoned barely two weeks into the month having proved too exhausting and unenjoyable. Which is why this Barrecore series couldn’t have come at a better time. Having acquainted myself with the basic moves and structure of a Barrecore workout, I spend the second week happily building on my experience at a couple of the Signature classes. I do these at the Moorgate studio since it’s not far from work, and make an effort to try out classes from a few different instructors – all of which are consistently informative, motivating and inspiring. What becomes apparent is that Barrecore has a steady following and I get used to seeing some familiar faces throughout the week.

I still feel like a beginner at the barre, but it’s inspiring to see all levels of fitness at the studio. The thing I most enjoy about this switch-up in my exercise regime is it being low impact. On more than one occasion I’ve staggered out of a HIIT class, blinded by sweat and feeling the need to throw up. Of course, it feels fantastic to push yourself, but it can’t be good for your cortisol levels. The Signature Barrecore class is an intense workout but I leave each one feeling relaxed and rejuvenated as opposed to completely wiped out. Next week I intend to try out the more advanced workouts; the momentum to maintain this new regime growing with each class. Here’s to a New Year’s resolution that finally sticks.

Try it for yourself at barrecore.co.uk

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