We Try Aimee Victoria Long’s Body Beautiful Method

Aimee Victoria Long

Absolutely London puts PT Aimee Victoria Long’s Body Beautiful Method to the test

By Abbie Schofield

Since the start of the pandemic, my fitness habits have jolted from one extreme to another. I’m either doing regular online classes, counting my steps like a maniac, and drinking green smoothies or I’m lying on the sofa, glass of wine in hand, steadily working my way through a multipack of Tyrrells crisps.

At the time of writing, London is about to enter Tier 3 and I’ve decided it’s time to find some balance. I enlist the help of Aimee Victoria Long, a personal trainer, pilates instructor and barre specialist whose BodyBeautiful Method has transformed the bodies (and minds) of her clients. Combining a unique mix of disciplines from pilates to strength and conditioning, BodyBeautiful clients are given a training and nutrition programme to help them achieve their goals and get them feeling energised, happier and stronger.

“You need to consistently stick to a routine and do something you actually enjoy,” explains Aimee. “There is no point forcing yourself out for a run each morning if you hate running.”

Aimee Victoria LongAimee offers three types of online classes, which she conducts via small group Zoom sessions. Barre (from Foundations to Advanced), Dynamic Pilates (with moves inspired by reformer pilates) and Sculpt (a mix of barre and pilates using ankle and wrist weights).

I sign up for the Sculpt class, which I’m slightly apprehensive about as I’ve never done a group lesson via Zoom. I soon realise that firstly, no one is even looking at me (the moves are challenging and require a lot of focus) and secondly, Zoom allows for more personal interactions than one-way online classes. Aimee provides plenty of encouragement and adjustments to make sure your form is perfect.

The class is tough and gets my glutes and abs fired up within minutes. The next day I have the telltale muscle ache that proves my body has worked really hard. I’ve finally escaped my fitness rut.


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