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Beauty Tips: 9 Hair Myths Busted


True or false? From split ends to hair brushing: nine hair myths busted

Words Michael John Guzzon, Art Director of Aldo Coppola

Is it true that rinsing your hair with cold water makes your hair shinier?
TRUE. Rinsing hair with cold water softens the cuticles making it look shinier.

Does tying your hair in a ponytail increase the chances of hair becoming thinner?
NOPE! However, keeping your hair in a ponytail or tight bun for more than 24 hrs can increase the chances of getting a headache or even straining the hair. I suggest tying the hair more loosely or simply leave hair flowing to allow natural growth direction.

Trimming your hair regularly makes hair grow faster
NOPE. But it could make it look healthier as cutting on a regular basis allows you to remove all the split ends without hair looking scatty.

Brushing your hair often during the day keeps hair healthy
NOPE. In fact it can even add stress to you hair.

You need to wash your hair every day
Better every day than once a week. In winter it’s good to use a moisture-locking shampoo every day to keep hair healthy – this keeps your scalp clean and allows the bulb of the hair to stay oxygenated, which produces strong hair follicles and prevents hair loss. I recommend using our Complesso 01 shampoo to help with the harsh winter months.

Styling products can dry out hair
YES AND NO. It generally depends on what product you are using, however the drying effect caused by styling is temporary and generally goes away with the next shampoo.

Is it better to use a comb when hair is damp?
YES. I always suggest combing your hair with a flat brush while you have a mask/conditioner on after shampooing. This avoids adding stress to the hair while you are detangling it.

You can repair split ends by using good hair products
NOPE. You can prevent split ends, but it’s impossible to ‘seal’ them – even though a lot of products promise it.

Switching shampoo’s is often better for your hair…
NOPE. Many people say this, however I believe if you are using the best type of product for your hair then why change it!


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