A modern classic: the debut timepiece by Brooklands Watches

Triple Four Chronograph W Warranty, Members Badge, Brooklands Watch Company

We take a closer look at the debut timepiece from Brooklands Watch Company, designed by Sir Terence Conran

The Triple-Four Racing Chronograph has made a seriously dazzling impression on the world of horology since its launch this autumn. Limited to just 500 examples, the debut timepiece from new British firm Brooklands Watch Company is a modern classic with heritage at its heart.

Designed by the visionary Sir Terence Conran, the Triple-Four is inspired by the golden age of racing at Brooklands, the birthplace of motor sport and aviation in Britain. Sir Terence’s father often attended the races at Brooklands’ historic track in Surrey and his mother learnt to fly at its Flying Club. 

His Triple-Four Chronograph design references the record-holding Napier-Railton racing car built at Brooklands in 1933. The watch face perimeter is banked, echoing Brooklands race track’s unique sloped embankment, while the blue leather strap echoes the distinctive block tread design of early car tyres. Its back reveals a rotor design modelled after the car’s legendary Triple-Four Aero aircraft engine.  

Triple Four Chronograph Brooklands Watch Company
The Triple-Four
Gentleman Watch Close Up Brooklands Watch Company

The Triple-Four has already received praise from the likes of Tracey Llewellyn, watch editor of The Telegraph. In The Best Watches for Motoring Enthusiasts in WatchPro, Tracey noted that “watches and cars are a match made in mechanical heaven” and named the Triple-Four “a modern classic”. 

An ideal Christmas gift, each of the 500 limited-edition watches is individually numbered, signed by Sir Terence and presented in a beautiful blue velvet-lined leather watch box. Displayed neatly inside are the Triple-Four Chronograph, a slim brass warranty card and a members badge. This badge entitles the Triple-Four owners to a drive on Brooklands’ world-famous Test Hill track in a specially commissioned Brooklands Watch Company electric Bugatti Baby II car. 

Brooklands Watch Company was founded by aeromechanical engineer Simon Jeffs. “The Triple-Four is a piece of art with a purpose. It has a beating heart and a story of British motor racing to tell,” he explains. “I’ve enjoyed flying for many years and settled mainly on helicopter flying before motorsport took over. I visited Brooklands racetrack to see my uncle’s Brooklands racing car being run after many years in storage. It was incredible. I was astonished that Brooklands built and operated the first Motor Racing Chronograph accurate to 1000th second in 1907. This inspired me to create a luxury British watch brand.”

The limited-edition Triple-Four retails at £5,754 and is available on the Brooklands Watch Company website and until the end of the year exclusively at The Conran Shop, Chelsea. Brooklands Museum Trust and London’s Design Museum will both benefit from the sale of each watch. 


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