5 of the Best Customised Skincare Services

customised skincare

As beauty becomes more bespoke, we discover five of the best customised skincare services that offer products with your name on (literally)

Words Joy Montgomery


Apothecary Preparations – a facial concentrate tailored to you – is Kiehls’ answer to customised skincare. It works by using the brand’s Skin Strengthening Concentrate as a base, which is then mixed with your choice of two facial complexes. You identify your specific skin needs with the help of a Kiehls skincare expert. These cover wrinkles, texture, clarity, enlarged pores and redness. Finally, your complexes combine with the base to create your personalised skincare concentrate.



The perfect treat for make-up junkies. No 7’s Match Made service uses a clever device to read your skin and find the perfect colour match. The service only takes a couple of minutes (there’s also no need to book) and can help you find everything from foundation and to blusher. Your reading then matches to your No 7 product of choice. Simples.



Insitu is the online service launched by Dr Maria Salichou. She believes that our skincare needs are not only pre-defined by our genetics but continuously evolve. Environmental and lifestyle factors can impact this evolution. Their experts use natural, active ingredients to create a bespoke product based on your skin profile. A detailed questionnaire ensures that this profile meets your exact needs. The brand offers eye and body care in addition to skincare.



Known for their natural approach to skincare, The Organic Pharmacy have formulated a bespoke face cream. With the help of an in-house expert, four problem-specific formulas are available to add to your product. These complexes cover common concerns including wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration and also acne. Furthermore, after your order, the pharmacy will follow up with a consultation so they can customise your cream to a tee.



If you want to take customised beauty to the next step then head over to GeneU. The brand’s research showed that 60% of skin ageing relates to genes, and 40% to lifestyle. This is why GeneU offers customers a DNA & Lifestyle Test to examine the two key genes responsible for ageing. After the test your U+ skin profile is ready. An advisor will help analyse your results in a private consultation. The final result is two GENEU serums, tailored from your DNA results. Each product contains the right concentration of active ingredients for your skin. Welcome to the future.


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