We Try Reggaeton Dance Fitness at Dan’s

Dans fitness london

Absolutely London tries a class at Dan’s, the dance fitness workout bringing Latin American rhythms to London

By Abbie Schofield

Whooping and cheering is fully encouraged at Dan’s. It’s the end of the session, and along with half the group, I’m about to perform the Reggaeton dance routine I’ve just learned in front of the rest of the class. But it’s a lot less nerve wracking than it sounds – everyone starts clapping and jumping in support whilst the instructor guides us, encouraging us to keep our energy levels high for the final ten minutes of class. The atmosphere is electric.

This is what Dan’s, the Latin American dance-fitness studio just off Regent’s Street, is all about – high-energy, exciting classes that combine sassy dance moves with fitness exercises, all to vibrant Latin American beats. It’s so fun that it almost feels like you’re not working out – almost. Thanks to the use of resistance bands and dumbells, you do feel the burn, and amongst the body rolls, booty shakes and chest pops, there are squats, lunges and crunches too.

Dan's fitness londonBut you’d be wrong in thinking Dan’s is for only great dancers. There are people of all abilities in the class and enthusiasm is praised more than perfecting the moves. Although it’s easy to get into the spirit of things because Dan’s looks and feels like a nightclub: colourful murals adorn the walls, the music pumps and the lights even change and flash throughout the class.  Dan’s recognises that gyms also have a social pull and encourages guests to stick around upstairs at Dan’s Rhythm Bar, a café serving post-workout juices, teas and protein shakes.

With three types of classes on offer, Dan’s Fitness (dance workout), Dan’s Soul (meditative dance classes) and Dan’s School (more technical lessons) the studio has something for everyone and is the perfect endorphin-boosting workout to welcome the spring.

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