Finishing Touches To Transform Your Interiors


Ascot-based interiors expert Sarah Barclay on must-have décor to inspire your home design

Adding a touch of luxury to your home doesn’t need to be difficult. By adding a few elements of décor to a room, you’re able to transform your space into something unique. Here, I have outlined a few must-have décor pieces to include in your home for you to reference when designing your space.

Before selecting a piece that you think will work, give some thought into how you want the atmosphere in a room to look and feel. It’s important to consider the mood that you’re creating with your décor and how incorporating certain colours, textures, or shapes can influence the feeling of the space.

A rug is often the first thing that you notice when you enter a room. You may want to look at different colour options depending on what atmosphere you want to capture. Warm neutral tones will help to soften the space and create a calm and comfortable environment. On the other hand, cool bright tones can completely change the atmosphere of a room to one that is lively and energetic. You can think about warm tones for your bedroom or living room, while cooler tones may be better suited for an office space.

Paintings can guide your design by allowing you to incorporate more colours for an attractive space. This can be done by selecting colours from a painting and sourcing furniture and accessories in these colours for the room. These subtle touches tie a space together and make it feel designed. Keep in mind the texture too. A painterly artwork will have a much different feeling than that of a print.

If you’re looking for something a little different to inspire your home décor, try incorporating sculptures. These can be small or large depending on the space you have available and what the form conveys. Think about how the texture – whether rough or smooth – will impact the overall atmosphere of the room. The shape itself is also important to consider as more rounded organic forms can create a serene, natural atmosphere whereas more geometric or linear forms can add a sense of formality to a space. Where you place them will depend on the layout of your room but aim to style them with other pieces of décor like flowers or plants to bring them to life.

Finally, cushions are a classic must-have. It may be tempting to get neutral colours to decorate your sofa, however adding contrasting colours creates a more visually interesting and cohesive design. Cushions are customisable as you can select them based on pattern, shape, size, texture, and colour. Don’t forget to keep comfort in mind. If you’re selecting cushions for your living room, you may want cushions that invite you to sit down and relax. For the bedroom, use softer colours and fluffy textures to encourage sleep or rest.

A cohesive design is where multiple elements such as rugs, paintings, sculptures, and cushions work together in terms of colour, texture, and form to create a particular atmosphere in a space. By understanding the function and feeling of a room that you want to convey, you will have a clearer starting point before selecting décor for your home. If you feel overwhelmed by all the options and design considerations, an interior designer can help you navigate the design process every step of the way.Sarah Barclay is the founder of Barclay Interiors based in Ascot – for more information, visit barclay-interiors.com

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