How You Can Work From Home Forever


Malvern Garden Buildings showcase the many benefits of creating an office at home

Since the shift to home working over three years ago, 56% of us report increased levels of happiness. This newfound flexibility has allowed many of us to spend more time with families and find time for exercise.

However, remote working has its drawbacks. Nearly one in three of us put in more hours and feel under pressure to be always available.

Who knows whether there will ever be a return to the pre-pandemic way of working? Some companies have decided to go fully remote. Others are adopting a more hybrid approach. The next big experiment is the 4-day working week trial.

The pandemic has forced us all to live and work in very different ways. It has prompted us to reassess how and where we work. After all, work is what we do, not where we go.

Malvern Garden Buildings The Music Room Edited
A garden music room and workspace

Whether you’re craving a return to the office as it was, or you have no intention of giving up remote work privileges, a garden office is proving to be a very popular choice.

Jason Preece, General Manager of Malvern Garden Buildings, says sales of garden offices have tripled: “Companies spend huge amounts bringing nature into the office to improve productivity and creativity but what’s better than putting your office into nature?

A garden building adds to your property’s value and is away from all the distractions of the house. Most importantly, it helps you to switch off at the end of the day when you leave work in the garden.”

As you work more from home, are you struggling to keep a healthy work-life balance?

Without the commute and separate workspace to break up the day, remote work has made the lines between professional and personal blurrier.

We all know we should set boundaries for the good of our health, but most of us worry we’ll look less committed. Yet when you establish boundaries, your worth rises. When you value yourself and your own time, your company will follow suit.

Set yourself up for success with a dedicated garden workspace to give you the mental and physical separation between work and home life you deserve.

Mgb X Design At Nineteen
Another Malvern garden creation

The remote work revolution means we have more control than ever before over our work environment. Is it time to level up your workspace?

Call time on making kitchens, bedrooms, and sofas places of work. Regain focus and motivation to do your very best work in a garden office with nature breaks to lower stress and super-charge creativity.

Make work ‘work’ for you!

To find a garden office to bring out the best in you visit the Malvern Garden Buildings website or download a copy of the free ‘Work from Home Forever’ guide for inspiration and to start to explore the options. 
Alternatively visit a showsite in Buckinghamshire or Berkshire where you can browse an extensive range of premium British-made garden rooms curated by a friendly team of garden building experts.

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