Great British Menu Winner Adam Smith on The Barn at Coworth Park

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The Refresh of The Barn at Coworth Park

Adam Smith, the acclaimed chef renowned for Woven at Coworth Park, is introducing a refreshed identity for another of his restaurants, The Barn at Coworth Park. Absolutely had the opportunity to talk to the Great British Menu winner to learn more about this venture.

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Why Reinvigorate Now?

The Barn hasn’t seen a change since its inception alongside the hotel 14 years ago. Despite its success, Smith felt it was time for a revamp, aiming to provide the food with a more distinct identity. This move comes 18 months following the launch of Woven by Adam Smith, reinforcing Coworth Park’s emerging reputation as a prime gastronomic destination.

Reinventing Spaces

The renovation started with the need for a contemporary kitchen, which would improve the work environment and foster greater culinary creativity. The complete overhaul also offers a space that combines efficiency and state-of-the-art design.

Designing The Barn

An open pass in the new design enhances the connectivity between the kitchen and dining room, while the restaurant sports a fresh, stylish look. The essence of The Barn’s character remains with the old building’s structure, complemented by minor, aesthetic updates to create a modern yet cozy atmosphere.

The New Menus

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Simplicity and Quality

Smith’s approach to the new menus revolves around quality ingredients that speak for themselves. He aims for simple cooking within a casual and inviting setting. The same reputable suppliers that service the Michelin-starred restaurant contribute to The Barn’s offerings, though the presentation is more relaxed.

Versatility and Personal Touch

Menus are designed to cater to diverse tastes and occasions, with personalisation at the heart of the dining experience. Guests can customise dishes, such as choosing how they want their fish prepared, inviting a wide demographic to enjoy The Barn’s warm, neighbourhood restaurant vibe.

Signature Dishes

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Showcasing The Barn’s Ethos

Select dishes truly encapsulate the essence of The Barn’s culinary philosophy. The Mangalitsa Coppa, a rich, marbled pork served with homemade pickles, and the versatile Cornish day boat turbot, reveal the superb quality of ingredients. From desserts, the baked cheesecake with Yorkshire rhubarb highlights the simplicity and vibrancy of spring flavours.

A Favourite Among The Classics

Smith’s current favourite, the chicken pie, combines homeliness with precision. It results in a dish that is both nostalgic and visually impressive, showcasing the classic flavours in a gastronomic presentation.

Diverse Culinary Experiences

coworth park the barn trifle

The Barn vs. Woven

While both The Barn and Woven by Adam Smith share a commitment to impeccable produce, they offer distinct dining experiences. Woven explores the edges of culinary creativity, delivering sophistication, while The Barn focuses on simplicity and comfort, ensuring guests feel at home.

Woven’s Success

The last 18 months have been stellar for Woven, earning it a Michelin star and recognition in the UK’s top restaurant lists. The synergy between The Barn and Woven creates an exciting chapter for Coworth Park.

Balancing Work and Home

Smith speaks candidly about the challenges of juggling a demanding chef’s life with family time. He emphasises the importance of spending quality time with his supportive children and cherishes their Monday family dinners, a precious tradition rooted in simplicity and togetherness.

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