Sustainability and Success at Restaurant Twenty Eight in Chester

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The Genesis of a Chef: Jay Tanner’s Journey

When Jay Tanner caught the culinary bug, it all began at The Coach Inn, Chester. As a kitchen porter and an aspiring plumber, Tanner discovered his passion for cooking, which led him to foster his skills and pursue a culinary career.

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Transitioning into a serious pursuit: By 19, Tanner embarked on a role as chef de partie at Chef’s Table, where he was enchanted by the fine dining world and resolved to carve his path within it.

The impact of Sticky Walnut: Sticky Walnut played a pivotal role in Tanner’s career, marking his first head chef position and influencing his cooking style under the guidance of Richard Sharples, executive chef of Elite Bistros.

The Allure of Twenty Eight’s Kitchen

Attraction to Leadership

As head chef, Tanner was drawn to the innovative approach and partnership with Growing @ Field 28, the potential for collaboration with Liam McKay, and the opportunity to cultivate his own culinary voice.

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Ethos and Philosophy

Twenty Eight embraces a sustainable, produce-driven ethos, focusing on pesticide-free crops and a dedication to creating a welcoming dining atmosphere.

Symbiotic Relationship: The Field and the Kitchen

Collaboration with Growing @ Field 28

The partnership between Chef’s Table and Field 28 has blossomed since 2018, fostering a unique synergy that shapes the menu and operations at Twenty Eight.

Farm Influences

The farm’s practices, devoid of heavy machinery and chemicals, shape the menu at Twenty Eight, embracing the unpredictability of micro-seasonal growing.

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Culinary Highlights at Twenty Eight

Signature Dishes

The menu showcases dishes such as Warm Rainbow Chard Salad with Field 28 nasturtium Caesar dressing, Field 28 Jerusalem Artichokes with smoked garlic honey, and Smoked heritage beetroot with egg yolk jam.

Personal Favourites

Tanner’s current preference is the Endive salad, a dish that epitomises the farm’s produce through its simplicity and freshness.

The Shared Roots with Chef’s Table

Despite utilizing the same ingredients from the field, Twenty Eight and Chef’s Table offer distinct culinary experiences, emphasizing seasonal responsiveness and diverse preparation methods.


The Twenty Eight Experience

Tanner envisions guests departing with a memorable dining experience, having been introduced to novel and evolving flavors that beckon them to return.

Chester’s Culinary Evolution

Reflecting on Chester’s burgeoning dining scene, Tanner applauds the diverse and evolving restaurant landscape, highlighting favourites like Covino and Death by Tacos.

Looking Ahead

With aspirations of extending operations to a full week and building upon recent accolades, Twenty Eight aims to cement its status as a valuable, accessible, and sustainable dining option in Chester.

For more information, visit Restaurant Twenty Eight.

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