Healthy Restaurants: Where To Eat This January In London

healthy restaurants

Who says healthy restaurants have to be boring? From Dim Sum to oysters, here are six restaurants in London with the most exciting healthy menus

Words Miriam Carey

5 Healthy Restaurants in London

Detox Menu at The Wright Brothers

healthy restaurants

Wright Brothers have launched a January detox menu full of light, high-flavour dishes making it easy to start the year fresh and revived without sacrificing enjoyment. The menu also describes the health benefits of each dish, so you base your decision on what it’ll do for your body. A starter of oysters dressed with pomegranate and crispy spring onions will provide you with a protein fix, boost your liver function, and top up your daily vitamin C. A main of sustainably farmed salmon, packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, will aid the cleansing of arteries. They will also be serving alcohol-free prosecco and cocktails for those embarking on dry January.


Dim Sum at Duddell’s

healthy restaurants

Duddell’s specialises in traditional Cantonese cooking with a modern twist. The menu contains a range of soups, such as the double-boiled matsutake soup with sea whelk, chicken and baby cabbage. This method of reducing high-quality broth to make the soup is thought to give it medicinal properties as well as offering the perfect antidote to cold weather. Light dishes such as steamed turbot with matsukake mushroom, serrano ham and broth are perfect for a fresh feast, while the steamed dim sum is the ideal option for those looking to eat a little less at lunch. The unique mocktail menu, featuring exciting Chinese ingredients, is enough to entice those who have not given up alcohol this January.


Healthy restaurant breakfast at Nobu Shoreditch

healthy restaurants

The Nobu in Shoreditch is the brand’s newest outpost and the only branch to offer a breakfast menu. Choose from an entire section dedicated to healthy and fruity options, with lots of original choices to add some excitement to your daily routine. Healthy highlights include the tapioca breakfast and the egg white omelette with spinach, tofu feta, and extra virgin olive oil. In terms of drinks, they have a fresh pressed juice menu, with a delicious charcoal lemonade.


Healthy Mediterranean Menu at Mortimer House

healthy restaurants

The Mediterranean diet is often touted one of the healthiest in the world, abundant in fruits and vegetables, oily fish and lean protein. Recently opened wellbeing and workspace, Mortimer House is the latest of London’s healthy restaurants to adopt this ethos. The menu includes smoked aubergine with greek yoghurt and basil cress and a courgette spaghetti with pistachio pesto and smoked ricotta. To accompany lunch and dinner they have a selection of mocktails, with creations such as ‘deep red’ made with orange and blueberry juice, egg white and grenadine and ‘exotic illusion’, a combination of passion fruit and pineapple juice, ginger and coconut milk.


New Seasonal Menu at Craft London

healthy restaurants
Credit Peer Lindgreen

One of the newbies on the block of healthy restaurants is Craft London. They are passionate about quality; from coffee roasting to fish smoking, beekeeping to meat curing, fermenting and maintaining a contemporary kitchen garden. A seasonal menu is on offer and this January they bring in new dishes, with a conscious effort to choose ingredients with proven health benefits. Discover nettle dumplings served in a mushroom tea with foraged greens, pickled chanterelles and brown butter and ray wing with artichokes, garlic, parsley, ink sauce and spinach.


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