Take a Peek at the Heritage Garden Collection of Chamberlain & Co

Chamberlain & Co

Let us introduce you to Chamberlain & Co’s beautiful Heritage Garden Collection. It features the elegant Broadway Vase, the classical Croome Ginger Jar, the contemporary Spetchley Vase and the stylish Elmley Bowl.

Each piece is made from the finest English bone china and is lovingly handcrafted and hand painted by Chamberlain & Co’s talented designers, artists and craftspeople. The team work together to combine traditional skills with innovative techniques, often pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible.

Their dedication, skill and meticulous attention to detail means you are getting a unique work of art. Signed by the artist! Chamberlain & Co beautifully hand-paint their designs of pretty floral print. They maintain a palette of deep cobalt blue, vivid iron red and delicate rose pink. Each shows intertwining flowers and foliage highlighted in 23 karat gold for a luxurious finish. Each piece is available with a traditional fresh white bone china or a warm ivory background. There is something to suit every taste and decor.The simplicity and elegance of this collection hides the technical skill and scientific knowledge that goes into each piece. Did you know that large ceramic pieces sink to the bottom of the kiln during the firing process? This means that creating their pieces requires great skill and patience.

Chamberlain & Co cast pieces separately and assemble them with such precision that the two forms create a seamless whole. Tailor-made structures then support the piece – they shrink at the same rate to maintain and hold the shape.After firing, the piece is ready for spray glazing, before getting its hand-decoration. This is built up layer by layer. Then after each application, high temperatures fuse the colour and gold together and seal them into the glaze. Incredibly, each piece in the Heritage Garden Collection takes between 48 and 120 hours to decorate by hand.The artists use traditional ceramic colours, specially chosen for this collection. Pure gold and enamel detailing is then painstakingly applied to specific features of the floral design for a perfect finish.

In today’s world of mass machine production, Chamberlain’s Heritage Garden Collection stands out. It offers luxuriously unique pieces that combine the finest bone china with cutting edge technique and brilliant craftsmanship. The figures speak for themselves!


51 – 127 The number of hours it takes to create each luxurious piece in the Heritage Garden Collection.

10 The typical number of times each piece is fired to achieve the flawless glaze, depth of colour and rich gold effect.

48 – 120 The number of hours it takes to decorate each piece by hand.

23 The number of karats in the gold detailing.

Infinity The number of years your piece will be enjoyed and treasured.


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