How Castrads Radiators Can Transform Your Home

Castrads Radiators

Transform your home with Castrads radiators…

This spring, after two centuries with only fire to keep its inhabitants warm, Walford House was updated with Castrads radiators. For the first time, this grade II Georgian home was fitted with a boiler and heating system beyond the fireplaces built along with the house in the early 1800s.

Walford House
Walford House

The house was built for the mistress of an aristocrat with an added coach house. It then became home to the village doctor around 1910, and was also used as the doctor’s surgery until the surgery annex was built in the 1980’s.

Any renovations or changes made to a grade II listed property need to maintain the historical integrity of the building. Castrads has been used in other listed properties before, and was a natural choice for the houses’ first radiators ever.

Samantha from @Making_Walford_Magical is a repeat customer at Castrads. Her instagram is full of lush, whimsical photos that tell the story of her home renovations. She started out in 2017 as @Making_Mulgrove_Magical, detailing the process of updating her Terraced Victorian home, including fitting 10 Castrads radiators into the property.

Black Iron Radiators
Castrads radiators

When they purchased Walford House in November 2020, they knew it’d be a big project just to plan and implement the property’s heating system from, essentially, nothing. In January 2021, they came to Castrads, who they’d worked so closely with before, for a virtual consultation.

With the Castrads team, they built a custom plan for the seven bedroom home. On the virtual consultation, Samantha walked her sales consultant through each room and together they gathered the information needed for heat loss calculations. The consultant used those calculations to suggest the sizes best suited for each location, taking into account Samantha’s style preferences. In the end, they settled on 17 Matt Black radiators in two styles, the Princess and Rococo. The Matt Black finish on the ornate Rococo fits perfectly in this old home and brings a touch of Samantha’s gothic aesthetic to each room.

Castrads Radiators
The finished look

The virtual consultation also gave them a chance to discuss fittings for the radiators, and together they decided what valves would be best for comfortable and efficient heating in each room. Samantha decided to go with Natural Brass accessories and Windsor TRVs that allow her full thermostatic control of her heating system.

Call Castrads to book a consultation and make this winter magical. Order a free brochure for more information on custom radiators.

Castrads Radiators
A cosy space


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