Louis Taylor on taking over the St. Aubyn’s headship from Leonard Blom


and what he plans to introduce and keep resolutely the same…

Before your role at Glebe House School Trust, what was your background in


I started my career over 20 years ago working in a state primary school in

Rayleigh, Essex. I moved into the independent sector and have taught in Prep

Schools in Radlett, Woodford (Bancroft’s Prep) before taking the Deputy Head role

at Stormont School in Potters Bar.

What did the CEO position at Glebe House School Trust entail?

Being the Headmaster and CEO meant a responsibility for the big things and small

things. As well as leading the school, giving assemblies, managing curriculum and

assessment, the job of CEO involved working with the Nursery Area manager on the

three separate nurseries that form part of the trust.

Glebe is a wonderful community school and trust and overseeing the progress of that

establishment through Covid and the other difficult times was always challenging, but

rewarding too.

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What was it about St. Aubyn’s that enticed you there?

I knew about St. Aubyn’s from my time working at Bancroft’s earlier in my career.

From the minute I saw the position was available, it was an opportunity that I could

not turn down. The school has a community, family feel, a fantastic team of

Hard working teachers and staff, and a supportive and engaged parent body. It is truly an honour to be leading such a fantastic educational establishment.

What can you tell us about the school?

St. Aubyn’s is a school that has everything. Incredible facilities, beautiful grounds

and fantastic teaching leading to great academic outcomes for our pupils. Our aim is that each boy and girl enjoys the present while preparing for their future.

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How would you describe the school’s setting?

Set in eight acres of leafy grounds, St. Aubyn’s has outstanding facilities to complement excellent educational provision in all areas. We have a sports hall, three all weather pitches, a large sports playing field, a pupil kitchen, a spacious art and design technology studio, a pupil wellbeing garden, a performing arts centre, a performance studio, music practice rooms, a whole school library, two ICT rooms and a science laboratory. We continue to look into ways that the facilities can be improved on an ongoing basis.

What are you most looking forward to?

I joined the school at an exciting time. I am looking forward to getting to know the pupils and doing whatever I can to ensure that they are moving through their educational journey, like the school’s motto: Bravely, Faithfull and Happily.

Is it a privilege to oversee the start of a child’s learning journey?

Absolutely. In the role as Headmaster I am able to directly influence the lives of

hundreds of children. The harder I work, the more opportunities and progress those

pupils will make – I view it as a privilege and a huge responsibility.

I have two children of my own and therefore I am well placed to see the influence

that a good school has on each individual child. I am determined to ensure that we

are the very best option for parents who want the best for their children.

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Are you able to sum up your approach to teaching?

I always talk to the parents and stakeholders about a dual approach. My focus is

very much on the academic progress that our children make – they are given the

tools and the opportunity to reach their full potential across the range of academic


Equally important is the progress our pupils make as human beings. The whole

range of subjects that we offer, including music, arts, drama, sports and languages

are vital in the way I think a good school should run.

Furthermore, my approach to teaching is one that encourages children to be

resilient, brave, communicative and open to the challenges that will face them in the

modern world.

Do you have many plans to introduce new things to St. Aubyn’s?

There is not a lot that needs changing! I am fortunate enough to be in the position

where the school has been run incredibly well by my predecessor, Leonard Blom

and his team. I would like to look at how we use IT across the school for our learning

and setting of homework, along with some longer term goals of sustainability with

regards to our carbon footprint.

What will you not be changing?

The lunches. The food here is amazing – I am just going to have to try not to put too

much weight on in the first term!


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