6 Cool Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

make your home look expensive

Words Sabrina Nunez

The temptation to spruce up a home is hard to resist with Pinterest and Instagram providing endless inspiration. Not to mention the slew of homeware hauls and house tour blog posts and videos sprinkled around the Internet. While making a home look expensive can seem costly, there are budget-friendly ways of decorating that will impress guests. We’ve highlighted our top tips to make your home look expensive regardless of timeframe or budget.


Introducing light to a space not only makes it look bigger, it also makes the room look clean and refined. Natural lighting instantly brightens a room and creates the illusion of having more space, which is often associated with stately homes. White curtains made of a thin, sheer fabric add an ethereal elegance to a window while keeping the room open. This pair from Ikea has a subtle print, but the store offers more options.  For rooms with smaller windows, try paler colours on the walls and throughout the furnishings to better reflect light.  


Clean lines and carefully curated shelves are not just for the Instafamous Scandi bloggers these days with retailers across the high street catering to the minimalist trend. The less clutter, the more stately a home appears because it isn’t bogged down by random bits that don’t serve a purpose. Clean counters and streamlined hallways elongate the space and reflect tidiness while allowing for standout pieces to take centre stage.


Patterns and designs come and go, but the best ones stand the test of time and are given new life by way of working alongside trendy pieces. While palm tree patterns and greenery may inspire tranquility, that doesn’t mean they can’t clutter your home. Instead, implement real or fake succulents and plants to to live in corners and on shelves. Your home will not only look better, but it will show that you invest time and energy in your home.


Hardware may not be the most exciting aspect of an interior overhaul, but it is the easiest to change and definitely makes a difference. By switching out boring or unsightly pieces for antiques or interesting options, the space receives a facelift and has character. Zara Home has a collection of door knobs to suit any taste, whether you’re interested in sleek and plain options or bright and colourful patterns.


By knowing where to spend and where to save, every aspect of this list can be attainable. A statement chandelier, like this one from John Lewis, or an ornate rug can really tie a room together, drawing the eye to one key focal point and providing the opportunity to inject colour and patterns.


Stately homes and charity auctions are full of high-priced artwork for a reason: it oozes elegance. While Warhols are hard to come by, local galleries and markets showcase artwork to suit a variety of aesthetics. From large prints to gallery walls, London’s art scene provides the perfect hunting ground for pieces fit to upgrade a home.

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