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Maldon’s Jo Davison On The Womanpreneur Success Club


Mum of four and Maldon local Jo Davison reflects on her life in business and why she launched the Womenpreneur Success Club

What is your background in business?

I set up my first business in 2001 with my husband. It was a health care practice. As the business grew, we added staff; it was a challenge at times, however it became successful and we grew the business to an award-winning, well known, seven figure practice which made a ‘splash’ in our industry. It was an exciting ride. Then others started to ask us for help with growing their businesses in the same way that they had seen us growing ours and we became business mentors. We have helped hundreds of business owners and thousands of their team members create a workplace that they love.

What inspired you to launch the Womanpreneur Success Club?

As a business mentor, I work with both male and female clients, however I found a common thread emerging amongst my female clients – it is something I call ‘The juggle is real.’ I am not saying it is harder for women; however, if they are running a business and running a home and being a mum, it can be tough. As a mum of four, I have had to create systems that help me achieve success and balance in both on my terms. I launched WSC because I wanted to empower other female business owners to be able to ‘have it all’ and be a happy woman, as well as a happy business owner.

Jo Davison Image
Jo Davison

Who is it aimed at?

Women who run businesses. Whether they have an idea, have just started or in a growth phase.

What do you offer?

We have a variety of helpful tools and services. We have a free Facebook group and regularly have free ‘meet ups’ where we can network, connect, and discuss business. We also have a paid membership community, courses, and a mastermind for those who want to invest in their business development. There is a level for everyone.

What has the reaction to it been like?

We have had amazing feedback and seen transformational results. Although I have been mentoring women in business for years, launching the Womanpreneur Success Club has allowed us to start to expand the community and reach more women who live in Essex which has been fabulous.

What kind of events do you hold?

We have free meet ups for connecting and networking, as well as webinars, events and a mastermind group meaning we have something for everyone regardless of their stage in business and how much they want to grow.

How does running this fit in with your other business ventures?

It fits in really well. My goal is to teach women how to create a business that gives them freedom and more recurring revenue, so it is a great example of this.

Jo Davison And Family Image
With her family

Do you get much time to relax and enjoy what Maldon has to offer?

I have to manage my time well. I love living in Maldon and I spend lots of my free time enjoying all it has to offer.

How long have you lived there and what do you love most about it?

I have lived in Maldon since 2011 and I love the mix of countryside yet being able to get into London easily. I have some wonderful family and friends here and love spending time with them. There are so many great places to visit and spend time at.

If you could only pick three, what places in and around Maldon do you love visiting the most?

I could pick lots of places! It’s really hard to choose but I’d have to say the following. Maldon Prom for wonderful family time. The Oak House in the high street to either do my work, have meetings or breakfast with my husband. The Bull, Great Totham is great. And Kate Lifestyle, Reed Hair, Bluebell boutique, and Mallon Court School.

As we hit summer, any Essex outdoor spots you love?

I love the Prom and Heybridge Basin in Maldon. Also The Tiptree tearoom and the beach at Frinton.

For more information about the Womanpreneur Success Club visit

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