Beauty Review: Microblading by Karen Betts

karen betts - microblading

In search of shapely, full and defined brows, Rachel Avery heads to microblading-guru, Karen Betts for the semi-permanent tattoo treatment

Words Rachel Avery

The Harley Street location should give you an indication of Karen Betts’ credentials and reputation. If you want microblading, she’s the best in the business. It was an after hours appointment that Karen arranged, which is testimony to her work ethic. If she’s not at Harley Street, she’s at one of her other clinics in Yorkshire and Cheshire. And she also manages to find time to help those in need with cosmetic procedures, working with many charities.

Karen’s USP has to be her relaxed, friendly approach – a usual Harley Street clinic could be cold and clinical but it’s far from it – the styling is more like a boutique hotel and Karen herself is smiley and chatty, which makes the consultation process all the better. Firstly, I spoke to Karen about what I wanted from my brows – I’ve had microblading before so I knew the drill but here is where Karen would put your mind at ease about the procedure and talk to you about the expected results. Karen uses a brow pencil to show you a proposed shape and it’s here you’ll have the chance to make any adjustments before the actual treatment commences.

Now, I’m not going to say it doesn’t hurt, but it’s definitely not unbearable. The numbing cream helps but occasionally you do feel a kind of scratching sensation as the individual hair strokes are carefully mimicked. That’s one thing that’s amazing about Karen Betts is that the results are so natural – it’s not like you’ll have these statement ombré brows that are plastered over Instagram – the finished result will be a natural, hair-like brow.

karen betts - microblading
Karen Betts

The treatment itself lasts around 30-60 minutes and after it’s complete you’ll be given an aftercare guide and a pot of cream. Don’t be surprised if your brows look quite dark and bold as soon as you leave the clinic. In a few days this will subside, and the true colour of your brows will begin to show.

The next week or so will be a bit of a struggle as you can’t get them wet and they do go a little crusty/itchy. But I promise you, this process will be totally worth it. In around 4-12 weeks you will usually require a follow up treatment to top-up the colour. This will be a quicker appointment where Karen literally just goes over the existing marks.

I am so thrilled with my new brows – and the times I’m most grateful for them is when I’m at the gym, hitting the beach or having a lazy day – because just having my brows in place makes me look much more put together.

If you’ve always wanted microblading but are a little apprehensive, then a visit to Karen Betts is what you need – her trusted expertise will put your mind at ease.

Check out the transformations on Instagram – they are amazing!

For more information and to book an appointment, visit karenbetts.com

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