Microblading: Absolutely Reviews this Year’s Hottest Eyebrow Treatment

Microblading: Absolutely Reviews this Year's Hottest Eyebrow Treatment

Absolutely discovers microblading, the form of semi-permanent tattooing that people are going crazy for

Words Charlotte Johnstone

When I heard that Aenea in Clapham were offering this year’s hottest beauty treatment, microblading, I had to go.

Then the day came and I spent the whole afternoon talking myself out of it. What was I thinking? A treatment where someone uses a blade to slice your eyebrows – what if it goes wrong? What if I don’t like it and it’s there for months? What if it hurts?

First of all, it’s not as scary as it sounds. A small scalpel-like instrument creates hairline strokes for the pigment to set into. Vast amounts of anaesthetic numbs the area and it’s a very technical mapping procedure. It’s designed to look subtle, to emulate the hairs of the brow.

The truth is, I already have quite thick brows but I wanted to make them them look fuller and more defined. I went to Aenea for my consultation and patch test and met permanent make-up specialist Natalie Stratford. We discussed our options including colour and shape.

Two days later I return for my full three-hour appointment. The anaesthetic goes on and Natalie measures my eyebrows to match my features. It’s a lengthy and precision-pointed task but it’s important to get it right. Once happy and kitted up, I lie on the salon bed and Natalie sets about embroidering them.

During the first round I remember thinking, “Okay, it doesn’t hurt that much”. And then it started to sting, a scratching sensation. Different parts are more sensitive than others. Some compare it to having them threaded. Personally, I find threading quite painful but this is a different kind of sensation. Another two applications of pigment and blading (three in total) and the brows are booming.

To tidy up, Natalie wipes away the excess colour and plucks the strays. I’d left them to grow for weeks and they are so messy. She says she prefers to work with virgin eyebrows. But, as you can’t touch them for four days afterwards, it might not look as finished as you hope. This includes putting makeup on them, getting them wet, having treatments and so on. If you’re happy with your shape I would recommend getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded before you have them microbladed.

I was honest about my nerves. I convinced myself that I would walk out with heavy blocks on my face. Many of us have stories about horrific eyebrow treatments. Natalie did everything to reassure me. It’s semi-permanent, so even if you decide it’s not for you, it won’t be there forever. She advises to take care when booking as rogues are rife.

In a month I’ll return for my top-up. It’s the same procedure but with more strokes added as they can fade quite quickly. The final results can last up to 18 months. I was really pleased with the outcome. It made my features stand out a lot more. Microblading is a great idea for people who want a new shape, have over-plucked (I’m looking at you Christina Aguilera) or suffer from hair loss. But if nothing else you get your mornings back. That 10-minute daily brow-pruning regime, gone.

Treatment usually from £400; introductory offer at £295
79 Abbeville Road, SW4
0208 675 5277



Permanent makeup and microblading London on the renowned Harley Street. Award-winning Sian Dellar offers natural semi permanent makeup techniques.
1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD
020 7717 9665


Borciani London is a central London clinic specialising in cosmetic and medical Permanent Makeup.
17 Connaught Street, London, W2 2AY
0207 792 9132


Suman is the brow guru to the stars, offering both home visits and treatments from her Kensington salon. 15A Harrington Rd., Kensington
0207 482 184 428


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