Mindfulness Part 3: Keeping Your Eyes Open to Your Surroundings


We learn to master the art of mindfulness by opening our eyes and minds to the beauty of everyday life

Words B-J Raben

This is part 3 of a series of monthly articles on how to become more mindful. We have looked at simple grounding methods; making the routine of washing your hands into a mindful activity and taking awareness breaks, to incorporate stretching and breathing exercises into everyday life. This month we look at keeping our eyes truly open. We are in danger of spending so much time looking down at our phones that we are missing some essential elements of life which feed the soul. More people are starting to feel life taking over, struggling with sleep and suffering from anxiety. Bringing ourselves into a mindful state not only helps us feel grounded, it brings a sense of peacefulness and fulfilment back into our lives. Here are some easy ways to nourish your soul each day.

Mindfulness is simple once you know how; here are a few of our top tips


Whenever you are outside, take a moment or two to notice how the light changes throughout the day, the patterns and shadows that it creates, particularly as the winter sun drops lower in the sky. Revel in the beauty of light, for without it we would not be here. If you miss the dawn and the rising sun watch out for the golden hour which is the last hour before sunset, where everything it touches turns to gold. On cloudy days there are also incredible moments of light, especially after rain when the sun tries to break through. Marvel in a winter sunset when the sky seemingly bursts into flames and, as the evenings draw in, watch out for the rising of the moon towards the end of the afternoon. It’s size and magnificence is truly humbling. Stop and take a few moments to really absorb these things.


Have you ever sat on a park bench and just watched the clouds pass by? Try it and notice how you feel afterwards. They are truly hypnotic. They make us realise how small and insignificant we are in the world which has the wonderful effect of bringing things back into perspective. It is also a very effective exercise for clearing the mind so you can go back to whatever it was you were doing before with a fresh perspective.


You don’t have to have a garden or live in the country to appreciate the wildlife around you. There is so much to see in the parks, on the commons, even down a leafy street or in a garden square. Watch how the birds gather bits for their nests in spring and forage for berries in the autumn. This year I joined The Great British Bee Count and used the app to photograph bees during May and June which helps collect valuable data on our dwindling bee population. I had no idea how many different types of bees there are. The entire experience helped me focus more on the detail of what is around us. Birds, bees, butterflies to name just a few. Take time to really see what is around you rather than just walking through it all. We often miss these valuable opportunities to connect with the miracles of life that surround us. When you tune in, you start to feel connected to all that is on this planet bringing feelings of peace and gratitude.


Watching and appreciating the seasons brings us back down to earth. Marvel of how nature’s cycle never fails us. A cycle upon which we rely for survival. Look for the budding leaves and blossom in spring, the abundance or foliage in summer, the magnificence of colour in the autumn and the ingenious way they sleep over the winter months and come back to life every spring. Also, keep an eye out for those brave specimens that continue to flower regardless of frost, snow or freezing temperatures. Connecting in this way with nature brings valuable benefits to our health and wellbeing. Look, see and be grateful. You will be amazed at the changes this brings within you.

Further articles can be found at sophierohealing.com or sophierohealing.blogspot.co.uk.  For more information on complementary therapies for deep relaxation and restoring balance to your life through reiki, chakra healing or crystal healing, visit sophierohealing.com.

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