8 of Best Pizza Restaurants in London

best pizza restaurants

Get at a slice of the action at one of the best pizza restaurants in London

Words Helen Brown

Radio Alice

best pizza restaurants

Brought to Hoxton by Italian pizzaficionados Matteo and Salvatore Aloe, and Gail’s Bakery co-founder, Emma King, this buzzy restaurant dishes up base-after-base that is perfectly crisp on the outside and squishy to heavenly perfection on the inside. Pioneers in pizza-craft, Radio Alice cook their bases, slice them and only then add toppings so as not to compromise the taste of some ingredients. The pizzas certainly pack a punch and include intriguing flavour combinations. Look out for star ingredients such as orange infused oil, honey, cavelo nero, walnuts and burrata. radioalicepizzeria.co.uk


best pizza restaurants

Spanning an impressive 20 inches, Homeslice pizzas are designed to share. Theoretically. That’s if you can agree on the range of lip-smacking toppings. There’s butternut with broccoli, pecorino and crispy onions; mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seed and chilli; and perfect for sunny July, an entire menu decided to spritzes and cocktails. Who are we to judge if you manage a whole one? homeslicepizza.co.uk


best pizza restaurants

The pizzas at L’Antica certainly live up to the starry heights of their eponymous Italian celebrity counterparts. Cuisine is Neapolitan in its heritage and is founded upon Caputo flour, imported from Naples. The dough at L’Antica’s  is fermented for over 24 hours before being flung into the 400°C oven to produce a puffed-up base that is refreshingly light and airy. Toppings are expertly regimented; only hand-crushed tomato sauce is allowed along with a limited amount of mozzarella to avoid excess water and a soggy bottom.


Franco Manca

best pizza restaurants

Speedy service, friendly staff, tumblers of wine and some of the softest and most seriously doughy pizzas in London. Welcome to Franco Manca. What’s more, pizza’s are incredibly budget friendly and are crafted from UK-sourced produce. The menu is fuss-free and features classics like ham, mushroom and mozzarella and tomato, garlic and oregano. francomanca.co.uk

Pizza Pilgrims

best pizza restaurants

For no-fuss, no-frills pizza with a focus on simple ingredients a voyage to Pizza Pilgrims is a must. This mini-chain is the brainchild of London lads Thom and James Elliot who learned the tricks of the trade over a six week tour of Southern Italy in their Piaggio van. They still have their van, along with two restaurants that offer a small menu, big crusts and huge flavours. pizzapilgrims.co.uk

NY Fold

best pizza restaurants

Born and bred New Yorkers, Michael and Annabel, founded NY Fold after a daily-slice hole appeared in their new London lives. The kitchen boasts the stylings of Fabio Ferrarini, who recently won the accolade of number one pizzaiolo in the UK at the World Pizza Championships. Pizzas are created with a twice-fermented dough, homemade tomato sauce, 60-day aged mozzarella that’s sourced from an award-winning farm in Caserta, Italy, and other seasonal ingredients.

Figli del Vesuvio

best pizza restaurants

Things don’t get much more authentically Neapolitan than the wood-fired beauties at Figli del Vesuvio.  The traditional pizza oven is made from the lava stone of Mount Vesuvius, the interior design pays homage to Naples and authentic Italian music will be the soundtrack to your pizza scoffing. Try the Lazzarella; tangles of salty parma ham layered across mozzarella, grana padano cheese, olive oil, rocket and basil.


Mamma Dough

best pizza restaurants

For great tasting sourdough and some of the best gluten-free bases in the business head to Mamma Dough. The menu holds its own against the best of the doughy bunch and features a comforting affair of butternut squash with feta, pine nuts and rosemary, as well as the Devil; a spicy mix of salami calabrese, onions, nduja, dry chilli and olives that will enkindle even the most hardened of taste buds.

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