Skincare Brand to Know: SkinCeuticals

Skincare Brand to Know: SkinCeuticals

Science. Not exactly the word you think of when it comes to skincare. But it should be…Here we take a look at Skinceuticals, one of our go-to brands

Words Gabrielle Hernandez 

Everyone wants a radiant complexion. But if you have skin damage, you might think you are at the point of no return. Rather than accepting this fate, look to SkinCeuticals for the key to achieving healthy skin that is here to stay.

Research is at the foundation of SkinCeuticals. Featuring a brilliant team of scientists who are constantly working to improve their formulas, they pioneer innovative skincare. The American-based company is in high demand with dermatologists, plastic surgeons and med-spas as their clinical skincare complements aesthetic procedures as well as daily homecare.

Any skin type can be accompanied by their wide variety of skincare products. Feel fresh with their cleansers and toners. The active ingredients lift impurities, gently exfoliate, and balance pH levels. In addition, restore elasticity and nourish your skin with their supreme moisturisers. Enhance the results of this daily routine by concluding with a face mask. Cutting-edge technology helps reduce excess oil and clears pores.

Their potent solutions are high in pure actives and proven to absorb optimally into the skin. Years of skin cancer research led to this development, and, as a result, opened doors to pivotal breakthroughs in antioxidants.

Most noteworthy, Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Sheldon Pinnell established SkinCeuticals as the antioxidant authority. Antioxidants prevent damage caused by aggressors such as radiation, pollution, smoke and alcohol. By including this important factor in their formula, SkinCeuticals has been able to reverse skin damage that include fine lines, wrinkles and even hyperpigmentation. A staple of their brand, the beneficial Phloretin CF gives you enhanced protection against atmospheric skin aging caused by UVA/UVB, infrared radiation, and ozone pollution. In addition to the antioxidant benefits, this serum improves the appearance of discolouration and fine lines, as well as evens out skin tone.

You will value that SkinCeuticals keeps you informed on all the effort they put in to creating the most effective skincare formulas. With transparency and communication at their core, they are one of the first cosmetic brands to publish their research and clinical studies. Through an established network of leading scientists from backgrounds such as cellular and molecular biology, chemistry and biophysics, they continue to discover and develop revolutionary skincare products that help you improve the healthy appearance of your skin.

A truly revolutionary company, SkinCeuticals corrects signs of aging, prevents further damage and, most importantly, protects healthy skin. Have a look through their range of cleansers, serums and creams. You will definitely find an incredible amount of resources. No matter where you lie on the spectrum of skincare, they have the perfect product to accompany your daily routine.

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