Q&A With Sharin Shafer of Skinfluencer


Absolutely London meets Sharin Shafer, COO of ground-breaking London aesthetics clinic Skinfluencer

By Eve Herbert

What is Skinfluencer doing differently to other establishments?

At Skinfluencer, we not only offer cutting edge medical aesthetics, but we deliver our medical grade treatments through a luxury client journey service experience in a boutique setting. It is not only about our game changing treatment results, but we promise a luxury service whereby we guide our clients through their treatment journey.

I have seen so many clients who have been misdiagnosed, improperly treated or sent home with unclear or no instructions on how to use their post treatment skincare products, which can often make a condition worse! We feel that it is important to work with our clients to achieve their skin goals, and to support them on their journey.

We have curated the best technologies available on the market, and assembled a clinical team of world class doctors and aestheticians who understand how to layer and combine energies and treatment techniques to deliver unrivalled results. This is why we are able to establish protocols which push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve, and can say with confidence that there is not a condition we cannot treat.

Our protocols address even the most challenging issues such as pigment from sun damage or scarring, acute acne, inflammatory conditions such as melasma or rosacea, uneven tone or texture, and laxity. We don’t just stop at the face, we can also sculpt your body by permanently eliminating fat and tightening loose skin.

Sharin ShaferHow would you define your client and what are they looking to achieve for their skin?

Our clients are savvy consumers who know what they should expect in terms of results, treatment options and standard of care. They are knowledgeable about what it is possible to achieve with the advance technologies and treatment techniques available today. They do not want downtime and they want natural results.

I established Skinfluencer because I suffer from melasma and had been given bad advice, undergone treatments that made my condition worse, and was never happy with my skin. Like me, the Skinfluencer client has often been to several doctors and clinics but has either not achieved their desired results, been advised to undergo an invasive surgical procedure, or has had a bad outcome.

Skinfluencer NewTalk us through your expert team and the technologies and techniques you use.

Our doctors and aestheticians are global leaders in their fields, all with a minimum of ten years of experience and multiple post graduate or specialised training certifications in advanced techniques. When they join the Skinfluencer team, they must also go through “Skinfluencer-U”, which is an intensive training program to master our protocols. We then pair our world class team with all of the leading technology on the market today. This is why we can commit to delivering unparalleled results.

There is not another clinic in the UK with multiple “hero” technologies such as the Cutera Enlighten III, the Fotona Dynamis Pro, the Cutera Secret RF, Cutera XEO Limelight, and Zeltique CoolSculpting, to name but a few.

SkinfluencerTell us a little bit about your background and what lead you to launch Skinfluencer.

I always wanted makeup-free skin, and as a woman in my 50s, I value aesthetic treatments that faithfully help to maintain a natural youthful appearance and which liberate me from wearing heavy makeup to cover my melasma and other imperfections. I was intrigued by the advancements in energy-based skincare technologies and aesthetic techniques. I saw this as an opportunity to standardise treatment protocols that offer unrivalled results, but with a spin. I wanted to offer these treatment protocols in luxury boutique settings and duplicate the concept in key cities around the globe.

I took my experience as an executive in corporate America and married it with my vision to create a world class global skincare destination brand. Wherever in the world you may be, if you walk into a Skinfluencer clinic, you will walk out with great skin!

SkinfluencerWe love the bespoke approach Skinfluencer offers; why do you think that’s important?

No two people have the same skin and no one person has the same issues with his or her skin on any given day – or at every stage – in his or her life. This is where experience and technology meet to create bespoke treatment plans for every skin type, age and condition, addressing everything from fighting off age to complex issues such as rosacea or melasma.

What do you think the biggest skincare concerns women face today are, and how can Skinfluencer help?

I think women are more concerned today than ever about skin health. We see women of every age and skin type, and they always ask for healthy skin that glows. The three big issues that women universally want to address are tone, texture and laxity. A woman can have unwanted pigment, large pores, acne scarring, or laxity. We can even it up, smooth it out, and tighten you skin whether you are in your 20s or 70s.

SkinfluencerWhat is your go to treatment?

I’m addicted to our On Every Level protocol, which I combine with our Manage my Melasma program. This keeps my melasma (which is stubborn) in check, makes my pores nice and small because it regulates my sebum production, and lifts and tones my 50-plus-year-old skin. It’s my fountain of youth!

307 Fulham Road, SW10 9QH, skin-fluencer.com

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