It’s Sandal Season: Here’s How to Tackle Stubborn Dry Skin on Your Feet

It's Sandal Season: Here's How to Tackle Stubborn Dry Skin on Your Feet

Going away? Get your toes sandal-ready with with our guide to tackling dry skin on your feet

Words Joy Montgomery

We’ve all been there. After a long winter of hibernation our feet are not fit to see the light of day. Before we know it, summer hits, and we’re forced to confront the situation in our shoes.

Having a night in tonight? Forgo expensive beauty treatments and pamper yourself with our DIY dry skin guide. Your feet never looked so fabulous…


It’s super easy to create a homemade foot scrub using ingredients you’ll find in your cupboard. Simply combine olive oil and brown sugar to create a paste, then massage over clean feet, focussing on dry patches such as heels and between toes. Do this for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with cool water.


Soaking your feet is an important step to tackling dry skin and honey is a great for healing and moisturising because of its natural enzymes. To create a DIY foot soak, combine a cup of honey with a gallon of warm water and bathe your feet for 10-15 minutes – or longer depending on how badly you need it! This is particularly good for softening skin and preparing it for for foot filing.


You may have heard horror stories (maybe don’t google image search before you try…) about foot peel masks. However, they can be an excellent DIY alternative to a professional pedicure. The idea is that the gel, which contains 17 natural extracts, removes dead skin cells layer by layer to reveal baby soft skin. You gotta see it to believe it…


Create a foot mask by rubbing petroleum jelly generously all over your feet. Excellent for soothing high heel-ravaged feet, this process will seal in moisture and promote healing. If you want an intensive treatment then slip on socks, leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning.

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