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The CBD Products You Need To Try


The CBD Products You Need To Try

The CBD industry has been growing rapidly in the UK over the past couple of years due to its many uses and benefits – from anxiety relief, better sleep and glowing skin. If you haven’t jumped on the hype yet, it’s about time you do, and we’ve listed our top picks that are actually worth investing in. 

Best for…Pain Relief Papilio CBD Tiger Balm, £29.95 for 50mlCBD brand Papilio is bringing a touch of luxury to the market with their sophisticated packaging, quality ingredients and range of products. Their strict extraction methods and testing policies ensure all of their products are of the highest quality. A must have item from the Papilio collection is the 500mg CBD Tiger Balm – a must have for relieving tired and aching muscles. The ancient benefits of tiger balm combined with the beneficial properties of CBD means this nifty, pocket sized balm packs a potent punch: perfect for soothing headaches, flu symptoms and general aches and pains. It’s a handbag essential.

Best for…Relaxation Canamis CBD Mandarin & Pomegranate Bath Bomb, £15

Upgrade your bath with the Mandarin & Pomegranate bath bomb from Canamis. As if bath time wasn’t relaxing enough already, Canamis is here to create an otherworldly experience with their decadent CBD infused bath bomb. Crafted with epsom salts and essential oils for ultimate muscle relaxation, the bath bomb will leave your skin supple and soft and your senses uplifted. Containing 100% vegan and responsibly sourced ingredients, this bath bomb is the perfect product for a self care night or a pick me up after a long day.

Best for…Glowing Skin

OTO CBD Night Face Mask, £109 for 50ml

Two things right now are having a bit of a ‘moment’ – sleep masks and CBD. OTO combines the two with their 800MG sleep mask. Packed with powerful ingredients such as omega 3, vitamin C and rosehip seed oils, this mask works to hydrate skin, nourish skin cells and reverse the signs of ageing – all as you slumber. Come morning, skin is smooth and more radiant, whilst yuzu essential oil works to uplift the body and calm the mind. For ultimate results, use alongside the night eye treatment

Best for…Anxiety relief and Performance Puresport 1000mg CBD oil, £67.99 for 30ml

For those seeking all the benefits of CBD, look no further than the 1000mg CBD oil tincture by Puresport. Having endured vigorous formula testing, the product provides a broad spectrum of CBD for maximum benefit, whilst containing 0% THC – meaning users can reap all the benefits with none of the drowsiness. Pure Sport 1000mg oil promotes pain relief, reduced inflammation, improved sleep quality, stress & anxiety relief and increased mental clarity. A cult product. 

Best for…Improved SleepPuresport 1500mg Unwind oil, £79.99 for 30ml

This potent oil, the first in the world to combine these ingredients, has been specifically designed to help reduce anxious thoughts and improve quality of sleep. Crafted with 1500mg of CBD alongside valerian root, chamomile, lavender and vitamin B, the cocktail of sleep inducing ingredients will ensure users drift off peacefully. For optimum results, take a couple of drops 30-60 mins before bed time. 

Best for…A Midday Pick Me Up

TRIP Peach & Ginger CBD Drink, £39 for 24 cans

Instead of reaching for a sugary snack to get you through the day, reach for a 15mg CBD infused tipple from Trip. The lightly sparkling and deliciously refreshing drink delivers a hit of CBD to keep you focused and motivated. Crafted with ginseng and lemon balm, the drink helps you find your ‘inner calm’ (definitely needed at 12pm on a Monday), whilst l-theanine brightens mood and reduces anxiety.

Medahuman Glow, £30 for 12 cans

Another CBD drink offering, this time from MEDAHUMAN; this delicious lime and elderflower flavoured tipple has been designed to help nourish and strengthen your skin – giving you that ultimate glow from within. Infused with 20mg CBD, Aloe vera and Biotin (great for cell regeneration), this is the perfect handbag-sized pick me up to give you a glow whilst on the go.

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