Quanna: The Brand Championing CBD Within Sexual Wellness


Quanna: Meet The Brand Championing CBD Within Sexual Wellness

There’s not many things we can thank the Covid-19 pandemic for – in fact, it negatively impacted almost every part of our lives. However, one thing it did make us do was make us slow down and tune into our bodies. Whether in the form of yoga, supplements or mental health care, people are striving to feel their very best, now more so than ever. Kate Tikhomirova and Dr. Dmitry Loktionov, founders of Quanna, tell me that the same can be said for the sexual wellness space. 

By Layla Turner

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Dreamt up during the pandemic by fashion and lifestyle influencer Kate Tikhomirova and Dr. Dmitry Loktionov was Quanna, a sexual wellness brand championing the use of CBD within intimate products. Whilst constantly looking for ways to feel better and live better, why should sexual wellness be ignored? Afterall, it is a fundamental factor in our overall health. 

‘As a brand, we are extremely glad that self-care and wellness is beginning to include intimate care. There seems to be much confusion about the term itself and what it actually means. Essentially, sexual wellness is a state of body/mind that enables you to enjoy and explore intimacy on your own terms and in your own time.’

‘The idea for Quanna was born during the pandemic. Yes, the worst of times, but for us and for many around the world it was a moment to reevaluate what it meant to go forward. There was a dawning realization for the ever growing need of self care and well being, especially since we were all stuck in quarantine. The stresses varied for everyone, getting along financially, managing your family 24/7, relationships put to the test, or finally having the pause to self-reflect on life as it is. This had to be a type of wellness journey that didn’t glamorize the results, but revealed the realities of the process. It’s why we embarked on this path for wellness through transparency with intimate care; we believe that our intimate parts should not be ignored and deserve the best quality clean ingredients. We wanted to take this one step further by infusing the amazing benefits of CBD to create premium sexual wellness products powered by nature.’

By now we are all aware of the long list of benefits CBD has on our health. With products on the market designed to help aid sleep, fight skin conditions and ease pain, it’s worth asking why CBD hasn’t been widely incorporated into sexual wellness products sooner. Quanna is on a mission to create quality, CBD focused products available for everyone. ‘CBD is the definition of untapped potential in both the future of our overall wellness as well as its own perception on a societal level. The healing benefits of CBD have long been celebrated as topicals in helping aches and pains, but we noticed it can equally serve as a star ingredient during intimate moments. The anti-inflammatory and blood flow properties for one, CBD acts as a dual pathway to increase sensation while decreasing pain and discomfort. We are the UK’s first CBD focused sexual wellness company and want to empower the accessibility of CBD to everyone, because the potential for better health should not be left to gatekeepers.’

Having graduated from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the National University of Ireland in 2014, and later going on to have trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology, only the highest quality of products would suffice for Dr. Dmitry Loktionov – naturally, the final product went through extensive testing measures. ‘We were adamant about creating our own proprietary formula developed by a dual biochemist and gynecologist team, backed by a deep knowledge of natural remedies and sexual wellness concerns. It also mattered that it was formulated in accordance with WHO standards. The formula went through over 6 months of development and countless rounds of samples to reach the desired consistency and potency.’

Whilst Dr. Loktionov had extensive knowledge and experience in the sexual wellness area, Kate had her own experience with CBD. ‘I’ve seen the blessings of CBD firsthand when my mum fell sick with advanced cancer. It was around this time when I really explored the power of the plant because as a caretaker your job is to listen to any possibility that can ease their day to day strain and lift just a bit of this weight off their shoulders. CBD helped my mum do just that, she was able to rest easier and managed her aches without the side effects of stronger sleeping drugs or pain medication.’

‘I was first introduced to CBD during my years living in Los Angeles which had its own profound impact on my life. Behind the scenes as a fashion and lifestyle influencer, there were the realities of anxiety and insomnia which I believe many can relate to. CBD helped relieve these daily pressures as well as to realign myself. Alternative options like CBD only empower you to look beyond the obstacles and not lose hope – this is what Quanna means to me.’

The CBD movement has gained mass traction in recent years, and it seems that with the launch of Quanna, Kate Tikhomirova and Dr. Dmitry Loktionov have spearheaded the use of CBD within an area that, despite being essential to our overall health, was often overlooked. Will this be the start of more recognition for CBD within the sexual wellness industry? Let’s hope so. 


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