Behind The CBD Hype: An Interview With Canamis

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In honour of National CBD Day, we spoke to Edward Buckwald, founder of luxury British CBD brand Canamis, to get the low down on the benefits of CBD, how to take it most effectively and growth in the CBD industry.

By Layla Turner

What inspired the birth of the brand?

The idea for Canamis came from my daughter, one day she came to me and said: “Dad, I think it would be a good idea if you came out with a CBD brand that everyone could trust, because you’ve got a trusted clinic, a trusted reputation and I think we can do better than what’s on the market”. After extensive research on the products out there, I completely agreed with her, so we got started. She came up with the name and we drew the logo out together on a piece of paper. It’s a combination of the cannabis leaf and the Health & Medical sign – representing the pure ingredient used and our passion for healing.

Just how effective is CBD for conditions such as anxiety and pain relief?

There have been very promising studies exploring CBD Oil as a potential treatment for anxiety, which is exciting to think we may have an alternative, gentler solution that is closer to nature. However, it’s very important to note that all the research suggests more studies are needed to form a conclusive answer. Anecdotally, my patients that have used Canamis CBD for anxiety and pain relief have found good results, not everybody, and some take longer than others to feel the effects, but certainly a noticeable difference for many. What seems to be most effective for my patients, is a combination of how you’re taking CBD – either topically or orally – and with different formats. I.e, we’ve found that the combination of oil drops and our Pain Relief Cream aids pain relief, and the oil drops with our Gummies or Chewing Gum has reduced feelings of anxiety.

You have some really innovative products available on the website such as the CBD Chewing Gum, how often would you recommend people to consume that, and your other CBD products in general? 

I recommend people to take CBD daily, like you would multivitamins, minerals, flax seed oil or Omega 3s. By embracing CBD oil in different forms, it becomes easier to work this into your daily routine. This was the driving force behind all our innovative products. The CBD Oil offers a ritual in self-care in the morning or evening, the sweet Strawberry Gummies and minty Chewing Gum provide a mindful treat any time of day, and the Soft Gel Capsules offer slow-release CBD that is just like taking a multivitamin. Ultimately, it’s about finding what works best for you and what ‘healthy habits’ you’ll stick to so you are taking it every day. My recommendation would be a maximum of 70mg per day.

Do you personally take CBD and if so what are some of the benefits you have seen? 

I’ve been taking CBD since it’s been legal in the UK. The main benefits I’ve noticed is a huge reduction on my anxiety, particularly controlling my severe tinnitus (which was a side effect of my anxiety) – this has now been kept at bay from daily CBD. Another huge plus for me is the impact it has on my sleep – I fall into a much deeper sleep with CBD Oil and really notice the difference if I ever forget to take it. I also use the Canamis Pain Relief Cream and Acne Control Gel whenever I feel a flare up coming on.

The CBD industry has seen unprecedented growth in the UK since 2019, do you think this will continue to grow? 

The UK is really in its infancy and undoubtedly the industry is going to grow. It’s been predicted CBD sales are currently at £300 Million of sales here in the UK, but this is anticipated to grow to £1 Billion of sales by 2025! It’s exciting to be a part of it, particularly with all the beneficial research that is coming out too.

What is your opinion on CBD products containing THC or the governments stance on legalising THC products in this country, and do you think this would have an impact on the industry? We came close to it being legalised in Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto (he wished to decriminalise marajuana for medicinal use) – thoughts on this? 

In the health and wellness industry, I think THC should be left out of CBD products, particularly for anxiety, pain relief and sleep issues. Not everyone wants the ‘high’ that comes from THC. However, where THC has been used for strictly medicinal purposes, i.e for patients with Parkinson’s, Cancer, Epilepsy, it has been shown to have effective results. So I do believe there should be a legalisation of THC, under medicinal purposes and licensed within medicinal clinics. In terms of recreational use, absolutely! I think decriminalising and regulating marijuana would be hugely beneficial for the industry and I think we should follow in the footsteps of those countries that have already done it successfully.

Comments from Edward Buckwald, Oestopath of 25 years, and founder of Luxury British CBD Brand Canamis: https://canamis.com

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