The Creative Home: How To Design the Perfect Office Space

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Extract The Creative Home by Geraldine James

Working from home can be lonely at times. Having a work space that is comfortable and personal is as important as having the right components for the task at hand. Only then is the mind free to wander and think blissfully about the next big thing.Exquisitely chosen art and pictures give this home office in a light-filled New York apartment a cool authority. The owners know exactly what they like and live a life surrounded by those elements. Everything is very considered and sophisticated, without being contrived. The overall feel is one of comfort.

Although the decoration is predominantly monochrome, it is not at all hard-edged. A number of objects with personal appeal – such as the canvas destination board or the soft toy on the desk – are dotted among fine designer pieces. This room say a lot about its owners, in particular their impeccable eye for design and detail. It also offers an insight into what makes them tick.

A beautiful glass lamp sits on a neat, well organised office table. The uniform yellow pencils – probably used more as decoration than for writing – further illustrate the organised nature of the room. They also work well to introduce a splash of colour.

The most striking feature in this home office is a floor-to-ceiling canvas from a Melbourne tram. It evokes memories of time spent in that city.The focus of this home office is the memory board of concert tickets, made from four industrial frames. The wood-paneled wall is in stark contrast to the thick stone walls elsewhere in this French home. It is evidence of how the owners enjoy living among contrasting styles. Many design features have been added to the barn. These include the recess in the room beyond, which houses a statue of the Hindu god Ganesha, brought back from a trip to India.Filling this first-floor office space is an eclectic mixture of items. A print of a phrenology head is propped up against an enormous abstract mural buy the French artist Aurelie Alvarez. The canvas bag in front of the antique desk is by Leslie Oschmann from her Swarm collection.

Extract taken from The Creative Home by Geraldine James, CICO Books
Photography © CICO Books

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