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The Latest Trends in London Street Food

London Street Food

It is difficult to walk around London and not be intrigued by the aromas that invade the city streets. Here, perhaps because of the cultural melting pot, the passion for international cuisine and the fast-paced life that often forces you to eat on the go, you can tell you are in the capital of street food.

Many TV schedules give space to shows dedicated to street food, because today it is practically popular all over the world. London has always been a vibrant city and considered a trendsetting in many areas and, of course, this would be the case for food as well. But what are the latest trends in Londoner Street food? Let’s take a look at them.

Food Markets

Healthy & Vegan Alternatives

You can eat a juicy hamburger with fries or a bite of a hot dog with ketchup and mustard in every street of London, however many foodies are now also looking for something different. For example, healthy, vegetarian or vegan food are options that people expect to find everywhere, from fine restaurants to street food stands. Also attracted to healthy food and vegan alternatives are omnivores who are looking for organic and sustainable products.

The sustainability trend and the focus on green gastronomy can also be perceived by looking at the packaging in which food is stored and served. Now, the attention is all about compostable and recyclable food boxes which are completely made of food-safe, odourless and tasteless cardboard. As a matter of fact, today, it is not just burger boxes and cone bags for fries that are popping up in street food stalls, but you surely will find food containers of various forms and sizes for smoothies, fresh salads, all in take-away versions.

Vegan Streetfood

West African Cuisine: A Must-Try for Foodies

Precisely because foodies are now attracted to healthy street food, among the latest trends is the West African cuisine sure to explode due to its newness and use of certain ingredients considered to be superfoods. Strolling around London, there is no shortage of West African food stalls where you can order a portion of Jollof rice, a single dish with spices and vegetables, to be enriched with chicken, tofu or other vegetable proteins. Plantain fries and fonio, an ancient cereal, are a must-try dish and very popular with Londoners.

West African Food

A Wide Offer for the Sweet-Toothed

In addition to Karaage, the juicy and spicy Japanese boneless fried chicken, which is now trendy, street food is enhanced by a variety of sweet alternatives. For example, traditional churros with cinnamon and sugar are now served with hot chocolate, crunchy toppings or candies, loved by the young as much as by the grown-up.

Have you ever heard of candied bacon? You can find it in almost every corner of London. It is smoked bacon with salted caramel and candy syrup that is fried to give a decidedly new and rich flavour to burgers, hot dogs and jacket potatoes.

However, if you love desserts, but prefer something healthier, then ice cream is the right choice. There are plenty of stands and food trucks offering delicious ice cream prepared according to the Italian tradition, which allows for a genuine product with a low fat content.

 Ice Cream

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