Things to Consider when Getting your Ears Pierced in 2017


Want to try a new look? Read our guide to getting your ears pierced in 2017

Words Camilla Clarkson

It wasn’t long ago that having a second ear piercing was considered out of the ordinary, brave even, a satisfactory act of rebellion that would guarantee a sharp inhale of breath and a raised eyebrow from a relative. However, this is no longer the case and peppered ears line our Instagram feeds demonstrating just how style and personality can be projected through a carefully designed ear. And the trend is here to stay. Fashion search engine Lyst has noted that ear parts are now being used in jewellery searches online – over the last six months, use of the word conch has increased by 283%, tragus by 232% and helix by 120% – illustrating just how granular ear design is becoming.

More often than not now piercing studios find women asking for multiple piercings in one go. Love Hate Social Club is one such studio that is well known to the fashion blogging community. Their manager, Guy, highlights the importance of the jewellery itself, ‘it’s critical how the shapes look side by side. For this reason we offer a large range but it’s our small studs that tend to be the most popular’.For those looking to design their ears there are three key points to consider:

Consider what shapes work well next to each other and build accordingly. The most popular brands on Lyst are those that can be stacked – i+i, Jezebel London and Maria Tash.

You wouldn’t wear a colour that doesn’t suit you and so think carefully about jewellery tones too. According to Lyst, gold earrings come out on top, as they receive more visits than silver or coloured items by three to one.

It may work with the lobes but ask advice from the experts when considering piercings in the cartilage. Matchy matchy is not good in this instance.

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