This is why London is such a great city for startups

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As one of the most important financial centres in the world, London is a fantastic place to get your business up and running. Read on to discover why it’s so
great for startups


The UK is one of the most prolific European economies, with London recognised as one of the most important financial centres in the world. As such, starting a company in the capital city can bring with it many benefits.

The capital attracts many young entrepreneurs which is why startup companies in various innovative fields have become quite visible in the local economy. However, it is recommended that before starting a business, you seek proper counselling from specialists in the field and even criminal lawyers who can explain how to legally operate here. Here, Defence Solicitors London note the ways in which London is the perfect place for startups.

London has the right infrastructure for startups

In order to create a startup, you need support and assistance from accredited institutions and connections. London offers all that. With regards to support, there are many associations created by reputed investors who will offer advice to those who want to open a business.

When it comes to assistance, there are many governmental institutions who can provide information and counselling, and, at the same time, you can establish connections with professionals in the field in which your startup will operate.

London is an ideal city for any type of business

Indeed, the multitude of nationalities living in London alone can inspire great ideas for a startup. Many foreigners living in London consider themselves small investors after gathering some money. For instance, many Polish nationals living in London have set up company formation firms which help other foreign citizens relocate to the UK and start a business here. Opening such a company in London can be a great and useful startup idea.

London is not only the UK’s capital, but it is the most important city in the country with a thriving economy and plenty of business opportunities. London is also one of the most open cities when it comes to welcoming citizens and investors from every corner of the world and the combination of these attributes make it a great place for anyone to start a business.

With a fast and simple incorporation procedure, a large consumer market and a great infrastructure, the UK through London is the perfect fit for those seeking to start a business, especially in innovative fields such as financial technology.

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